Friday, June 3, 2011

things i will miss about utah [if/when we move]

dear temple square groundkeepers:

i desperately wanted to take kate to see your beautiful tulips before they all died.
unfortunately the weather never really cooperated until this week.
so on wednesday- with the sun shining and the temperature rising,
kate and i headed into the city to view your handiwork.

the grounds were filled with activity-
men and women planting new flowers and tearing out the old [so sad to see the tulips go].
kate had a wonderful time running around and getting in your way
[sorry about her climbing into your trucks]
and when she paused for longer than a minute to watch one of you work with the dying tulips,
she was rewarded with a flower the size of her body.

another perk of toddlerhood- you can sit down [almost] anywhere/anytime you desire. 
extra smiles are given if you spend a moment counting your toes out loud.

many thanks to that groundkeeper who made my child's day.
she dragged that flower all around temple square with a smile on her face.
[i kept waiting for someone to reprimand me about letting my child pick the flowers. thankfully no one said a word about her souvenir]



Kelli said...

I love, love, love her outfit. In the event that I have children someday, I may just have to hire you to be there personal stylist.

~johnny becky hazel~ said...

That outfit is to die for. What a cutie. Cool souvenir!

nana said...

Love the suspenders!


Yep.....suspenders are a total hit! Can't wait to play on Monday!

Tyrel said...

Love the free activities that easily please the little ones. The pic of her holding the flower is awesome. (glad to see you survived camping)