Monday, April 1, 2013

a gif for you all

this is a gif.
not a gift.
although i guess it could be considered a gif gift.
[i worked all weekend and didn't sleep yesterday so excuse the awful humor]

we took some family pics yesterday after church but before naps.
a recipe for disaster i thought-
but they actually turned out pretty good.
i'm still sorting through all 100 of them and finding the best ones.
[yes. i said 100. aren't you so glad you're not married to me?]

we used the tripod that came with my camera and the self-timer/continuous shooting.
it was quite an easy set up and kate loved watching me run across the yard [in wedges] after i pushed the shutter button.
i'll share them soon,
once i've weeded out the shots where evie's runny nose is out of control.
that poor girl- still teething, has a cold and we now suspect an ear infection.

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