Friday, April 5, 2013

guess who's walking?!?

not this kid.

evie rue:

14 months old and still not walking.
actually, not even pulling up to stand.
laaaaaaaazzzzzzyyy chubster.

your dad is starting to worry.
[he always worries about his babies hitting milestones which is kind of stupid if you really think about it. no offense lovie, but it is]
i'm not worried but i will admit that i'm ready for you to walk.
i'm tired of your knees and tops of your feet always being so dirty
[please let's not discuss our rental house's carpet. it's old and gross. enough said]

well, if you must move at your own pace, i guess i'll be ok with it.
don't really have much of a choice now do i?
if there is one thing motherhood has drilled into my head, it's:
patience is a virtue.

somedays i'm more virtuous than others.
today is not one of them sooooo,
walk already!

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Unknown said...

Kayla, that picture is fabulous!!