Wednesday, April 24, 2013

according to instagram.

[april (SoCal) insta's]

 road tripping to Cali- so much better than flying! and the whole family together again. 
 family pictures at the temple. and kate continues the face-painting tradition at sea world. 
 safari park was awesome! 
 don't mind me, i like to really get to know the animals. and the view from our room- gorgeous escondido. 
 it's vacation- that means you can have a whoopie pie for dinner. and poor kate was one exhausted kiddo. 
 jank and i snuck away for a beautiful morning at the temple and then grabbed some delish fast food for lunch [no sarcasm here. love chick-fil-a]
 coronado island- my absolute favorite place to be. 
chillaxing poolside
 me and my girlies headed to dinner at the resort [not yummy]. and the brick and bell cafe in la jolla [very yummy]
wandering around la jolla
kate and i on the edge of the world. and jank and i took the kids for one more day at sea world- we love that manta roller coaster!

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