Thursday, April 25, 2013

aren't the swings everyone's favorite?

when you live away from family it's hard to stay connected.
i often wonder 'what's my sister/mom/sis-in-law/nephew/niece's routine like?'
'what's a typical morning for them?'

well just in case you're interested in our morning
[which i assume you are since you're reading this silly blog]
here's how it went:

wake up and feed the kids and myself toast and fruit and milk.
putter around the house for a bit.
upload vacation pics [too many!!] get dressed and pack snacks for the park.
head out the door into the glorious sunshine and drive 5 minutes to our favorite park.
take a bunch of videos while at the park and enjoy the down time with my kids.
head home, nap evie and download a video editing app called 'splice'.
edit videos into this masterpiece [sarcasm!] and call it a day.

1 comment:

Kate said...

in all your spare time you have [ha ha ] should send me an email telling me how you do all this awesome stuff! I want and need to do this!!! all the video stuff! love this video!