Monday, April 8, 2013

egg hunt

I've heard a lot of families are moving the "fun" easter activities to saturday so they can keep sunday centered on Christ.
a great idea, me thinks.

but we heathens had our celebrations on sunday after naps like usual.
we had a feast that we all dubbed 'the best meal ever'.
so good this is the only pic i was able to take of it:

and then it was outside into the overgrown backyard for an egg hunt:

and to wrap up the evening we headed over to the local school and had an easter egg smash.
my good friend tyrel and i had a master plan to recreate the colored wonder of the color run but with an easter twist for our families.

we drained eggs, boiled and bleached them and then dyed them all sorts of fantastic neon colors.
once dried we filled them with colored powdered sugar and sealed them with tissue paper.

we set up the camera and attempted to capture the smash on video,
but due to the noisy wind and our inability to stay within the camera's field of vision...
it really didn't turn out.
so enjoy these three pics, because that really all we got.

all in all the easter egg smash was a success.
a few things we'll change for next year
[because this was way too much fun. it now must become tradition]

-spray everyone with a little water so the color sticks better [at the color run we were all sweaty and that made the colors stay. also, ewww gross]
-put the eggs in the middle of the camera's frame so people aren't running out of the shot to get eggs.
[i am aware that it's not necessary to video such festivities. but remember, if i don't have photographic evidence- the event didn't happen. so please excuse my insane and annoying habit of taking pics of everything and anything]

and most importantly:

-make 250+ eggs. we did 60 eggs and it was most definitely not enough. we were done in a couple minutes and would've loved to keep going. 

thanks saunders for a great day!!

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Tyrel said...

Whoohoo - I love new traditions. We will have to start saving eggs from Valentines day on to get enough for all our fun. Thank you for an awesome day!