Friday, April 12, 2013

instagram time!

[march and april insta's]

easter egg smash prep work [emptying, boiling, dying, filling and sealing eggs with powdered sugar]. and what evie looked like after we smashed a few eggs on her head.
 easter basket waiting to be filled by the bunny. and our easter feast was beyond delicious this year.
 tea party time. and pigtails for miss evelyn
 evie is content to sit on my feet while at the park. and how i babysit- spray the kids with the hose [i promise they loved it despite what this picture shows]
 a day trip to the beach with the saunders.
evie picks the most inopportune times to fall asleep but at least she looks cute doing so. and kate acting far too grown up for my liking [please life slow down. i'm not ready for her to be a 'big girl' just yet]
 evie adores her booster seat and climbs in and out of it constantly. kate and i love to go see the dogs at petsmart and pretend we're going to adopt one.
 snuggling with my chubster.
 so glad kate loves to play with the dollhouse [that sucker was a LOT of work]. and evie is starting to pull up to standing, although she is terrified when she finds herself standing. 

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