Monday, April 22, 2013

bedtime routine


thanks for your amazing bedtime stories.
kate loves it when you tell her a 'kate-story'.
especially if it involves princesses and toots.
[downside of preschool- your kid learns about and becomes obsessed with bodily functions]

someday our little girl won't be begging us to stay by her bedside 'one more story? puh-leeeeze?'
or manipulating us into tucking her in again 'see? my blanket came off? and i'm cooooooold!'
or fake crying because she needs one more drink of water 'but i'm fiiiiiirrrsty!'

we'll look back with a chuckle at all her sneaky tricks.
and we'll remember the 'kate-stories' and how much kate giggled and how sweet she was.
[remind me to read this post when kate is 14 and rolling her eyes non-stop at me because of how uncool  her mom is]

thanks for being such a great father.
we are so lucky to have you.

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