Wednesday, January 5, 2011

elephant stampede

upstairs neighbors whom i have yet to meet...

you walk like an elephant.
like an elephant giving a hippo a piggy-back ride.
not cool.

i'll probably meet you in a few weeks and you'll turn out to be a really person and we'll become fast friends and then i'll feel bad about calling you an elephant.
but until that happens...

whew, i feel better!
nothing like a blog rant to clear the rage.

today while you were moving furniture or dropping bowling balls or something else horrifically loud,
i was desperately attempting to calm my troubled tot.
you see, my kid doesn't eat much and therefore doesn't poop much and now constipation is a daily topic at our house.
yesterday was a poopless day which means that today is a suppository day
(i bet you're wondering if i always talk about poop... i do)
the suppository didn't bring immediate relief and i was standing by helpless as my kid whimpered in pain.
she eventually calmed, stopped sweating and let me snuggle her.
she had just barely fallen asleep on my chest when you commenced with the bowling balls.

thankfully i was able to quickly move her to the nursery where the white noise machine drowned out your sounds.
and she slept for a blessed 90 min.
i however did not get my much desired nap due to your stomping.

i sure hope you turn out to be someone really awesome.
otherwise you're going to ruin my life for the next 10 months.
(and yes, i'm always this dramatic)

no judging


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tiff snedaker said...

Sounds like you have a fan in Kate's room. If you don't have one in your room, get it! And turn on your fan to your furnace. Seems dumb, but it creates more white noise and drowns out the people above you. We still sleep with fans even though we can't hear our neighbors on the sides of us (townhome) It's a habit now, but I feel for you, I really do. We had horribly loud LOUD neighbors that would play heavy metal above us right after Chandler was born. I was exhausted and upset and banged on the ceiling a time or two. Luckily they moved out a few months after that. Apartment living. It's only short term right? Think of the big picture. And that the elephant is probably going to wind up being your friend. ;)