Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a friend


you have been a joy lately.
i don't think i've ever been so enamored with you.
we play silly games and you laugh.
we watch movies and you snuggle with me.
you copy just about everything i do.

playing on our bed is one of your favorite things to do

you're learning so quickly it's startling.
i want time to slow so i can enjoy this phase.
(and i don't think i've ever said that before)

a coworker once told me that it took her 18 months to 'fall in like' with her son.
and i remember thinking-
'that sounds strange, but i bet that's how it'll be for me'

some moms are blessed with the ability to love and like their kids immediately.
i wasn't one of them.

i loved you with all the love in the world from the very beginning,
but i didn't enjoy the baby phase as much as most new moms.
you were fussy and needed constant attention and i didn't know what i was doing or trying to do.
you and i struggled to find our balance.

it seems we have found that balance now.
you and i have become friends.
i like you and you seem to like me.
every night i say to your dad,
'i can't wait to see peanut in the morning'

your hiding spot-
we always find random toys under our pillows

kate, i want you to know these things.
i think it's important for you to know my thoughts and feelings.
and someday when you read this and say to me-
'mommie, why didn't you like me?'
i'll cry and say-
'oh peanut butter, i did like you. i just didn't know it yet'
and then we'll eat chocolate cake.
because that's what friends do.

your mum


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Tyrel said...

Oh, thats the cutest thing I've ever read....brought a little tear to my eye. and a slight giggle because it is almost the opposite right now with Krew and I. (aaagghhh) I love him to death, but he is such a BOY!!! So enjoy your sweet Kate. I loved the last Elmo post of her too. If you want to pretend that it is summer next week and go swimming with us, send me a text and we will plan a time to go. -T-