Monday, January 3, 2011

a lot of effort went into that hairdo

Brandon and Kerrianne-

before i had katers i was horrible at buying presents for kids.
i think my nephew brysaac received clothes every time a holiday came around.
(sorry buddy)

apparently you two do not suffer from my gift-giving problem.
you did an awesome job picking out a Christmas gift for kate.
the stuffed bunny is perfect.
you were too kind.
thank you!!

here's a glimpse into lulu's new life with miss kate:

snuggle loving and a time out

 sad little lulu all alone on the timeout wall- 
please excuse her tags. they are now cut off but i was feeling lazy earlier today.

using the kitchen rug as a blanket so lulu can go "nigh-nigh". good night kisses were given

and then kate decided a good way to show affection is to drop a sippy cup full of milk on lulu's head.
isn't she such a sweetie??

i love perfect gifts.
thank you again!


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