Thursday, January 20, 2011

sunshine= giddy and random kayla


this is what was happening in my car today while i talked to you:

that's kate in case you didn't recognize her-
normally she's crying (not peacefully sleeping) when she's in the car so that's probably why you don't recognize her.

doesn't that position look painful?
don't worry, i left her like that.
i wasn't about to wake a sleeping toddler-
i figured if she couldn't breathe, she'd wake up.
(now that's some great logic isn't it??)

this is what i did after i hung up with you but before i picked up liz from bb's store.
because i know you are just dying to know how i waste 30 minutes.

why yes, those are beautiful. 
thanks for noticing.
they're flash cards that you can color.
courtesy of an app i downloaded for kate but use (frequently) when i'm bored.
i'm such a great artist.

and when i get bored of coloring...
i try styling my hair different ways.

option 1:

option 2:

i went with option 1.
i bet you agree.

ok, well that's enough randomness for one day.
enjoy maui!
i'm so glad you and dad get to spend 2 weeks just relaxing.
(soooooo jealous)
send pics everyday so i can be happy for you and sad for all of us stuck on the mainland.
drink a lavaflow for all of us.
ok, now i'm just depressed.
love you


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Anonymous said...

If Kate was sitting straight up in her car seat that tree in the background would of looked pretty funny coming out of her head....just saying!