Wednesday, January 19, 2011

random thoughts on a gray rainy day

i remember when i first moved to utah nearly ten years ago. 
i loved the mountains and blue skies.
it seemed that the sun never stopped shining-
even in cache valley.

having grown up in the midwest,
i was accustomed to long dreary winters.
but now after ten years of clear skies,
i am accustomed to sunny winters.

i need the sun.
it fuels my soul.

these past weeks have been dreary.
and i don't like it.
not one bit.

we have a major life change heading our way-
jank will graduate in august!
(did you see the countdown on the sidebar? me likey!)

so i've been looking for homes and jobs in south carolina.
(i've always had a bit of a crush on the southern states and SC appears wonderful in pictures)

pictures to help prove my point-

we've spent the last week or so tossing around the idea of moving out of utah.
i say 'let's just do it. it's perfect timing and we need a change'
but then i remember how much i hate big changes and i tell him
'it's too much stress and too far from family'

thus far we haven't decided anything-
good thing we have lots of time to make the decision.
(i think i'm going to need a lot of anxiety meds to survive this life change)
oh i wish i was more easy-going

some more pics to inspire you all to move with us-

 look at that blue sky.

your thoughts? 
ever been to SC or somewhere else you think would be lovely to move to? 
if someone says tooele- i'll kill them!

ps. at least the south is closer than spain! we tossed that idea around for awhile but decided the timing isn't right. maybe (hopefully) in 5-10 years that can happen.


Sarah said...

I love SC! I love the south. When I was going to school in Savannah I just lived 2 hours south of Charleston and not even 5 mins from the SC boarder. Life is different down there. More easy going. I would like to retire in Savannah actually. I say go for it! Its warm, sunny and they have palm trees, what more could you ask for :)

Scott said...

Let's move to the Northwest---anywhere, I don't care. I'll be your butler and make German Pancakes and all the chocolate cake you can eat. Maybe I'll bring Amy. Done.

Brittany said...

I'm sorry Kayla but I like you too much to let you leave the SLC! No, don't go!!!