Tuesday, January 11, 2011

elmo obsession continues

meet kate

i skipped december's 'meet kate' because despite multiple efforts, nothing i filmed was any good.
it was always video of her running away from me which would work if this series were called 'watch kate run'.
but it's not called that so i skipped a month.
it's my blog so i can do things like that.

this two minute clip only took me 5 tries and an elmo doll to get something good.
(i use the term good loosely)
oh, and a banana that she had to eat in between takes.
she's a demanding actress, what can ya do?!
there was also a diaper change somewhere in those 5 tries but you don't want to hear those details.

so here she is-
older, more stubborn and with pigtails.

episode three

ps- bb i tried desperately to capture kate's new look but she wasn't going to do it. no way, no how.


Sarah Jane said...

Such a good idea, she is so adorable!

Becky Foster said...

Oh man she's so adorable!!

Nanna said...

Yes I did get excited for a nanno second about you naming a boy baby. Please don't wait 25 years....how about 2011?

Thistles Home & Gift said...

She is so precise with her words I love it!! Cute piggies too :) Oscar Hansen, thats a good one.