Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ski day

mom and dad-

a day at alta

another utah visit is coming to a close.
i know i should be all adult about it and say "we had a good time, see you soon"
but what i'm going to do is beg you two to abandon everyone in MN and move here.
how else are we going to finish our game of 'hand and foot'?
which jank and i are totally going to win.

ok, fine.
i'll be adult about it (but i don't like it)

besides, i know you'll be back soon.
no one can resist their grandchildren for long.
especially grandkids as adorable as these two:

the best pic i have of both of them. getting toddlers to hold still is impossible!

we had a good time. see you soon. blah blah blah.....

ps. please stay!


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