Monday, January 17, 2011

i might be biased, but i think my kid is the cutest in the world

to the director of advertising for 'sesame street'--

i hope you are getting paid a ridiculous amount of money, because you're doing a great job.
your elmo stuff is EVERYWHERE and it makes shopping with a toddler surprisingly fun.

example a- 

on a recent trip to babies r us, kate saw this elmo bib. 
her little body started wiggling and she started joyfully shrieking.
i had no choice but to put it on her and take a picture. 
people passing were laughing at her because she couldn't stop giggling and pointing to her chest. 

and no, i didn't buy it. cloth bibs serve no purpose on my toddler-
i need me some plastic super-duper wipeable ones (that girl is messy) but still, isn't it cute?

example b-

we were in the baby food isle at target one fine day-
looking for katers' specific brand of bland oatmeal that she still loves (y'know the stuff for 6 month olds).
lo and behold there is elmo's face on a box-
in the food isle, not the toy isle like you'd expect, but the food isle.
repeat shrieking and wiggling and other shoppers laughing. 
and all i have to do is hand her the box and i can shop in peace as she lovingly strokes elmo's face and hugs the cardboard box. 

thank you whoever you are!
your distractions, i mean advertising, make shopping a breeze.

mother of an elmo addict


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