Saturday, October 29, 2011

90 degrees today. and it felt great.

dear yuma,

i might despise you in the summer but right now, you rock.
i thought i would miss the autumn weather i grew up with.
the leaves changing color, the brisk air, the crunching leaves underfoot as i walked....
but it turns out i don't miss it as much as i thought i would.

having my windows and doors open all day long is lovely.
still wearing sandals and shorts feels wonderful.
and the eternal sunshine never gets old.

maybe i don't hate it here as much as i thought i did.
yuma, dare i say you're growing on me???

ps. that's kate running thru the sprinklers [i have to keep reminding myself it's almost november. it just doesn't feel like it]. it was 90 degrees and i kept asking her if she was cold. she answered me with a 'wheeeeeeeee. it's raining!' and ran back into the shooting water. guess that's my answer. 


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