Sunday, October 9, 2011

terrible two's are the absolute pits.


i love you.
i really do.
but you make it extremely difficult for me to like you when every ten minutes you throw yourself to the ground so you can kick and cry and carry on like a lunatic.

i know you're frustrated that the pages of your books are stuck together.
i know you want the talking giraffe app to work on my phone.
i understand that you don't want to eat your cereal.

i get it.
i totally get it.
frustration sucks and the concept of patience is beyond your reach.
but socking your mom in the face isn't going to make it better.
do you really like time-outs that much??

little one, i sure hope the terrible two's pass quickly.
i want my sweet girl back.
i miss her.

ps. don't be fooled by the adorable going-ons in these pictures. this moment was the calm between the storms. i pray the storms pass quickly because i'm flying to MN on thursday [without jank] and my anxiety level is thru the roof. screaming, kicking toddler + public places = my idea of torture.



tiff snedaker said...

Gotta love those days. Sometimes it goes into the 3's. It did for us. ;)


Oh man, I hope they speed by for you, and that you have calm and safe travels!

Sarah Jane said...

Hang in there, it does get better, but not until...wait I don't think it does get better. Mine is 4 and still throwing fits! Good luck!