Tuesday, October 25, 2011

flying home

oh time, why do you move so fast?

we got home to yuma [and it really does feel like home] last thursday mid-day and then i worked three nights in a row [starting thursday night. not a smart idea], had two days off and i'm back for three more shifts tonight.
i am thoroughly exhausted. 

time is slipping through my fingers and it's making me incredibly sad.
[or maybe that's just my completely out of control pregnancy hormones]
i feel like life is rushing past and i have no control to slow it or stop it.
ugh. i hate not being in control.

i have so many thoughts and pictures and stories to share but not enough time to do them justice.
plus, i really should be napping right now since i work tonight.
i'm hoping my brain quiets down enough so i can sleep.

and time, please just pause for a moment.
i need to breathe.

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Thistles Home & Gift said...

Oh "katekayla" we MISS you! Liz cries when we pull back into the garage from going somewhere and not over to your place:( I dont know how you are surviving your schedule... preparation for a new baby! I hope you can have a day of normalacy soon, miss ya!