Friday, October 14, 2011

today was a good day.


as i'm typing this our baby girl is kicking and dancing up a storm.
she misses hearing your voice almost as much as i miss holding your hand.

i took some pictures of my day to share with you:

our favorite view from the house. trees, trees and more trees. MN sure is pretty.

miss kate rearranging my mom's front porch. she kept picking up the pumpkin and fake biting it
[complete with chomping/eating sound effects. thanks for teaching her that]

the girls discovered quickly how much fun a piano brings.
of course they make great duets- kate bangs on the keys and liz creates songs.
i'll have to video it tomorrow for you.

mom pulled out the old race track from my childhood.
the girls loved playing with papa
and they only fought over who got what car/driver once every second.

other events that weren't captured on film include:

kate ruining her lunch AND her dinner by purposely dumping her drink on the table.
all the baby shower planing and decorating taking place [no photos allowed of these activities since kerrianne reads this here silly blog and it's all supposed to be a surprise for her]
the mass amount of leann chin we consumed for lunch. sooooo good.
i decided kate will be minnie mouse for halloween and i bought her mouse ears.

hope you're enjoying all the peace and quiet.
we miss you.
maybe we can skype tomorrow morning?



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