Wednesday, October 26, 2011

i miss the mall. i know that sounds more than a little pathetic. i don't care.

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it had been too long!
almost 14 months since i last walked your long halls and partook of your dizzying vastness.
and now you have a h&m.
oh, i've missed you so.

yuma has no mall.
well, maybe you could consider the target, old navy, best buy and movie theater a 'mall'.
but i don't.
there isn't a crepe stand.
there isn't mini donuts.
there most certainly isn't a carousel.
and the thing i miss most- gads and gads of people.
i love getting lost in a crowd.
[why do i live in yuma??? oh yeah, loan repayment. gotta keep reminding myself]

MOA, i think the next time i see you might be in another 14 months.
i'll be missing you.
until then, thanks for the yummy treats and awesome shopping.



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