Thursday, October 13, 2011

i wasn't quite prepared for the shock of 60 degree weather. brrrrr

adios work..... hello minnesota.

we survived the flights.
kate was just a wee bit exhausted- she parked herself on the airport floor and refused to get up.
i was too tired to care so i just let her lay there.
she did pretty well on the flights-
only kicked the seat in front of her a bajillion times.

we're just happy to be back in MN with all the family.
liz and kate are busy running around and screeching and destroying the house.
it makes me so happy to see them back together again.

ps. jank- everyone misses you. to fill the void we're eating extra at every meal and proclaiming each meal to be 'the best meal ever' just like you always do. love you a ridiculous amount.


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