Sunday, October 30, 2011

obsession with spiders

dear neighbors-

it all started when you attached giant spiders to your house.
instead of being scared of them [like we expected her to be], miss kate adores your halloween decorations.
everyday before we leave for school, we have to pause and wave hello to your spiders.
same goes for when we return home-
she stands in the driveway, waves hello and shouts 'hi spiiiiiiders'.
it's pretty dang cute.

and next came the face-painting at the local pumpkin patch friday night.
when given six choices katers picked the spider-
complete with fancy glitter and spider web.

when we got home she spent 10 minutes in front of the mirror giggling at her spider.
i really should've video'd that. 
it was awesome.
[pic is of her drinking her nightly metamucil- gotta keep her regular!]

and then tonight we colored pumpkins instead of carving them [because i'm a pretty lazy mom as of late]
and you guessed it- i'm drawing a spider.
she loves it.
before kate would go to bed tonight she had to see her spider pumpkin one last time.
i'm surprised she didn't ask to sleep with it.

so neighborly neighbors who started this obsession-
thank you.
at least my kid isn't scared of spiders anymore!


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I need lessons from Kate to love spiders. That's too funny.