Tuesday, May 7, 2013


four years old on may fourth.
a golden birthday.
such a big day.

[i think birthdays are a big deal, although i do not think the celebration needs to be a huge hoopala. i think everyone deserves a day, just one day, for everything to be all about them. a day to sit in the birthday chair, and receive extra kisses and expressions of love. a day to sleep late and do whatever you want. it's good for the soul]

luckily miss kate is easily impressed.
the ribbon banner across the window and the ribbons on her 'birthday chair' brought a feeling of magic to our house. 
kate knew that this was HER day.
and don't think for a minute that she didn't use it to her advantage.

i had to sleep in the morning for a few hours since i worked the night before.
but in the afternoon we packed up the kids and met the saunders at the water park.
we ate pizza, rode the slides, floated in the lazy river and wore ourselves out.
it was wonderful. 

oh evie. would it kill ya to smile for the camera once in awhile? 

once we were sufficiently tuckered out, we headed back home for presents and cake.
such a great day.

we love you more than sleep. 
more than sunshine.
more than vacation.
more than you will ever know. 

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