Wednesday, April 28, 2010


dear oxiclean

this letter is long overdue. you have been a part of my life for almost a year now although it's been about 10 years since i first noticed you. (you were sitting in the Heise's laundry room and i wondered if you were the reason sarah's clothes always smelled so nice)

my gratitude runs deep for you. you have been by my side constantly, cleaning up the messes my lil nutties makes. you know as well as we do that if she cries for more than a couple minutes she will regurg her last meal. but it's ok cuz you get the stains out.


like a laundry angel.

so tonight when i heard the words "you won't believe what just happened" i knew it was going to be me and you cleaning something.

and clean we did.

the poop that overflowed the diaper and ended up on the carpet:

the vomit on the changing pad (cuz nutties HATES having her diaper changed and cries everytime which leads to vomitus):

the pee on the floor (where nutties was put post-vomit, sans diaper, so jank could clean it up)

the clothes including- nutties blanket, onesie and shirt and jank's shirt

regretfully i don't have pictures of the last two. we were too busy cleaning to capture the grossness. while we cleaned the carpet, jank bathed the stinky baby. once he emerged from the bathroom i made him smell the carpet and he deemed it clean.

"just smells like oxiclean!"

thank, thank, thank you my dear friend.

see you soon

Sunday, April 25, 2010

a sunday drive

dear miss kate,

tonight we took a drive. it was sunny and you were in need
of a quick snooze so we loaded up the car and took off. everyone was well fed- a gourmet dinner of digiorno pizza and cheesey bread- and we decided to head over to see these people

and take them some of these

they were not home so we left the goodies in the kitchen and drove around daybreak. now that is one large neighborhood. after we had seen all the colorful homes our eyeballs could handle we commenced a searched for a pop machine. armed with three dollar bills we drove around the district shopping area for awhile before we spotted a pop machine at the harmon's gas station. bless their souls for having a outdoor pop machine! cherry pepsi for me and plain pepsi for your dad. yum yum. we couldn't handle much more excitement so we headed home where pepsi's were enjoyed by all

and then it was off to the tub for you (mrs. i pooped four times today). yikes.

then a bottle and the jazz game

and then bed. hope you sleep well. love your guts

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Dear scootchies,

just wanted to write a quick thank you note for the iPhone
thanks for letting lex talk you into getting a new phone so i could have yours

(love that lex)

thanks for answering all our questions about everything we don't know
(our lack of knowledge about technology is tragic)
i love it, it rocks
you are the best
i'll be up until 4 am playing with my new toy
see you soon

mrs jancer

ps- hope pegster lets you come out and ride bikes tonight

Thursday, April 22, 2010

to nana

yesterday i watched liz for bb. it was almost easier having two babies instead of just one.
they entertained each other. but then they started getting into everything and i remembered your grand idea of using my hallway as a corral. done and done. worked like a charm! thanks mom

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a letter to absolutely no one in particular

somedays i'm just not creative enough to think of who to write to. but a letter must be written because my mood demands it.

these last few days have been slow ones. not a boring, dragging, can't believe it's only 11pm and i work until 7am slow. more like a delicious slow. pretty sure that zephyr (god of the west wind and my high school mascot) heard my prayers and sent good weather for my personal enjoyment. he must've sensed the funk i fall into when the weather sucks. jank suggests light therapy but seriously i'm not a freak. just super irritable when the sun doesn't shine. ok, maybe kind of a freak. and a rambler. anyone still reading??

back to the delicious days... sunshine. flowers blooming. windows open. kids playing. spring semester wrapping up. setabellos. kate crawling (army style but getting better at the hands and knees part). glee. good books. cyan impersonating britney spears.

it has pretty much been an episode of full house- where there's a problem but it's all magically better and everyone hugs at the end of the 30 min. or better yet, a musical. yes, that's exactly what these days have been. my very own musical.

la la la

wonder how the next week will go. marti skold, the over over over the top weather(wo)man, says that rain and clouds are coming. ok zephyr- only for 1 day. that's all you get.

then bring on the sun.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

dear tiff the amazing

so remember last night about 0300 when we made good use of our down time and you showed me how to create a collage??
Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-


see how productive we are at work!
we save some lives...
we solve problems....
we blogstalk and steal ideas....
all in a day's work.
(to be fair i earned my keep last night- i was sworn at by 3 different patients)
today brother brandon (that's how i differentiate between the hubs and my bro) came down from evanston where he is working and we took advantage of the beautiful spring day-70 and sunny! we took a drive to temple square where we had a tour of the conference center and wandered the grounds.
did you know that when it's full the floor moves about 1/4 inch due to the weight of the peeps. ummmm, please don't fall on me when i'm there. thanks.
best part of the tour was when brother brandon said "we want to see the tunnels and the roof" interpretation: we want to see the fun stuff and if you would throw in a sighting of one of the twelve that'd be great
no tunnels but plenty of garden loveliness to behold. love the trees on top of the building. how cool is that? the lilac trees in temple square are in full bloom and the scent filled the air. too bad jank has allergies.

the flowers were gorgeous as one expects from the temple grounds. whoever does the gardening- major props to you!

then we were off to b and ty's for spaghetti and a little skype-ing. hi nana and papa! pretty sure i didn't spell that right. is it poppa? it's def not poopa like i typed the first time. he he

all in all a wonderful day that was captured and turned into a collage (see above)
thanks tiff. you rock star you

Friday, April 16, 2010

elizabeth claire

i wanted to write to you yesterday on your actual birthday but i couldn't. it was a crazy type of day, one where almost everything goes wrong and you feel defeated in a really horrible type of way. we were late to your party- you didn't notice because you were strapped in your highchair chowing down a cafe rio tortilla. your happiness was complete. you had 10 brilliant balloons to stare at and play with. you had grandma and grandpa allen to play with. and let's not forget you favorite couzie was there ready to party!

you turned my really horrible, terrible, no good day around
in point 3 seconds. one look at your smiley face and once kiss on those rosy cheeks and i was cured. you did that. and that's just one of the thousands of reasons i love you.

you have more energy than anyone i know (you even beat out nana and that's hard to do). your energy is infectious. you turn my usually lazy baby into a crawling, chasing, playing, happy child. oh how we all love watching you two play together. how long do you think you crawled in that tunnel?? don't worry we have hours of it logged on the camera.

everyone that knows you loves you. you smile at us. you reach for us (that's the best!) and you let us smother you with kisses. you giggle, clap and make the funniest facial expressions.

i am so lucky to be your aunt. i can't wait to watch you grow up and to love you everyday. you are truly a special one and i celebrate the day you were born.


now go ask mommie for a baby brother.........

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

to my love

oh how i love hearing "to my love" being called from the front room when i am in the office or bedroom. heaven forbid you get up and walk 5 steps and find me. rather you call out "to my love" and wait for me to come to you. lazy bones. sometimes i answer (because i love you). sometimes i pretend i don't hear so that i don't have to get up (now i'm lazy).
aren't we a match!

both a little messy until it drives us (mostly me) crazy and then we do a whirlwind clean.

both a little air-headed (we think we're hilarious).

both driven to succeed at work for ourselves, each other and our patients.

both wanting to be better at so many things (eat healt
hier, exercise more, be smarter, be more patient, be a better teacher on sundays) but not knowing how to become those superior people- although i'm figuring that one out..... it just one st
ep at a time

both trying to hang on to the right perspective while living this crazy life of ours

i love you

when you walked in the door tonight 45 min early my heart soared. i love that time of day. us all together again with the world locked out. that's
when it's all about us. i get to tell you about my adventures....

only one 15 min nap- oh brother!

window shopping at foothill village- gorgeous weather. love me some sunshine

my "book" i'm reading and the insights i've obtained from a much better mother/wife than i.

trying to teach kate how to sit down once she's pulled herself up to standing.

how kate cut the roof of her mouth b/c she was st
anding up while chewing on a N64 controller and lost her balance. somehow her mouth got cut in that fall...still trying to figure that out.

and you tell me about yours....

tony doing 3 backflips at lunch today. super important!!

how you men conversed about bullying and how it affected your lives and how you will handle it when your kids are bullys/bullied. i love h
earing how you will defend kate- you brave warrior

your psych test tomorrow that you claim to be worried about....but then 3 hours later haven't studied an ounce for. there is a jazz game on, duh.

we have our bad days. we have days when we push each others buttons. we're not perfect- not even remotely close! but we lay in bed at night with varying textbooks, electronics and novels and somehow we end up ignoring our projects and talking about life. (ok, it's mostly my fault- i'm a professional distractor) then "click", out goes your light and you say "janky tired" and i say "already?? but i'm not even tired!" and then "click" goes my light and i snuggle into my spot and am asleep within 10 min.

then you start twitching and punch me. like i said... not perfect. yet

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


this is my sister bb

she is the reason i was so happy today.

she took my little nutties (that's kate) so i could sleep.

she didn't scold me when i confessed i wanted mcdo's for lunch.

she let me drool over her new office furniture and told me someday i would have a house of my own. i liked hearing that.

she listens to me and lets me jabber about senseless things and when i say "i have to go" she knows i'll keep talking for at least another 15 min.

i like my sister bb

Monday, April 12, 2010

oh sweet, sweet target

your red bulls-eye pulls me in like a warm hug. i can't resist. today i bought new books for me and for katers. new shoes for me and for the kid. new clothes for kate but none for me... i had to draw the line somewhere!! and then we were back home where i carried a sleeping child up 3 flights of stairs and laid her sweet chubby cheeks down and off she went to slumber for 2 blessed hours. target has that effect- everyone content and sleeps well after an outing. except for me-i had groceries to haul up the stairs and then put away. among the groceries were plenty of clementines, apples, bananas, tomatoes and lettuce. we are attempting to eat healthier....let's see how long this lasts

Sunday, April 11, 2010

dear fairstone branch,

i had a lovely sabbath day today thanks to you. the members
are so colorful and fun. Brandon was able to use his new scriptures today in sunday school.
they are green and say "charles glen white" on them- long story which starts with jank's
scriptures being stolen. maybe that person
should rethink the items they steal...i'm just saying. anyway, great
sabbath- glad we didn't chose to go to that family ward

Saturday, April 10, 2010

dear t george-

you are the bestest bro-in-law EVER! so smart, fun, talented and
overall wonderful. you were busy today but
took time to come fix katers crib and we thank you oh so much. i decided
to start my blog today because a momentous occasion occurred.......
you picked up kate and she didn't cry! of course pics were
taken of the victory. love ya