Sunday, October 31, 2010

it's a bird... it's a plane.....


 Puking Pastilles:

i was cruising around etsy one day and found this sewing pattern for a superhero cape at your shop.
and i thought, now that's an awesome idea!
a cape for halloween this year and something we can keep for dress-up for years to come.
done and done.
except i don't know how to sew.
i thought about asking one of the grandma's to make it.
i thought about paying my neighbor to make it.
and then i thought, i'll give it a shot.

so i borrowed the neighbor's sewing machine and got to work.
it only took 60 minutes to figure out how to thread the stupid bobbin (and a few muttered naughty words)
but once we got that sorted out we were golden.
like you promised, the pattern was for beginners-
thank you for making it so easy!!

i would never ask you to look closely at the stitches-
there isn't a straight one in sight.
but i think it turned out great.
thanks for the inspiration!

ps. i was hooked by the name "puking pastilles" (huge, huge, HUGE harry potter fan)


Saturday, October 30, 2010


 inventor of trick-or-treating: 

thank you!
how does one come up with such an amazing idea?
knock on doors, demand food and give no payment?

all hallow's eve circa 1989
i was 6 and 1/2 and rocking the vampire look

jank and i reminisced about our childhood halloween adventures last nite.
we declared the best part of the whole affair to be post t-or-t'ing.
y'know, when you dump all your candy on the floor and take stock.
and organize it according to shape, color, candy type, likability....
(please tell me i wasn't the only kid enjoying the sorting process a little too much)
jank said the best part for him was bartering with his sisters.
"i'll give you 3 butterfingers for 4 reese's"
i'm sure he was scamming them... he loves to tease those two.

we wish everyone a safe and successful nite!
success for us is getting kate to hold still while we paint her face....
we did a test run a few nites ago and it went well.
here's to hoping!


Friday, October 29, 2010

randy and bob

oh Harmon's grocery store, how i love thee. 
  let me count the ways....

1. you carry mexican coke. in a bottle that requires a bottle opener. sweeeeet. i'm saving the bottles for who knows what. but they are just too awesome to throw out.

2. you give out free samples of your artisan bread. the white chocolate pecan is my fav. (of course it is- there's chocolate in it) kate's fav is whatever is the most plain and simple- definitely not an adventurous eater that one. but the boring white bread keeps her entertained for the duration of our shopping and that's why our first stop is always the bakery. bless those angels who make that yummy bread- they have prevented many tantrums. there's not words to express what that means to this mommie.

this pic was taken at 2:27 pm and she still has her pj top on under her zippie
i'm such an awesome mom

3. you offer to load my groceries for me. not that i let you, but it's nice to know you offered.

4. at the checkout stand you always ask "did you find everything ok?" and because i am my mother's daughter, i'm honest and i tell you if i didn't. then you proceed to send a employee to check to see if you do indeed carry the missing item. this week it was frozen ravioli for my lasagna (such an easy solution to messy lasagna!) and you don't act annoyed. major props to you.

thanks harmons!!

forever your customers,
the jancers


Thursday, October 28, 2010

off to bed

feeling much better, thanks for asking.

but my creativity is zapped so no letter today.
maybe it's the cold...
it's probably the impeding move to a smaller apartment (but newer and nicer and cheaper!)
i sure do love the excitement that a move brings but hate, HATE the stress.
thank heaven for awesome family members who are willing to help- thanks everyone!!

until the creativity returns, i will leave you with this pic of kate.
because no one should have to go a day without looking at this adorable face.

kate story:

she hasn't cried in the car for days. i've probably jinxed it now. bummer. it's been wonderful. instead of wailing and gnashing her teeth and vomiting she reads books and makes faces at me in the mirror. what a difference it is to feel calm when driving and not be swerving all over the road because i'm reaching for something to distract her. today she showed me her teeth. as in smiled big and chomped repeatedly. i died laughing.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a day on the couch

runny nose.
man voice.
body aches.

lesson learned- don't kiss your sick daughter.

although these tiny feet are kissable
we love old navy's socks- so squishy

even though today sucks (aforementioned sickness and snow outside- snow people! what is this- MINNESOTA?!?!)
there is still good.
and i'm proud of myself for being able to notice the good.
go me!

at least miss kate is feeling good as new.
now our days are spent shrieking and giggling- hallelujah!

i'm thankful that jank is not in clinic today or tomorrow.
i'm relieved that we had some dayquil in the medicine bag.
i'm thrilled i don't have to work the rest of the week.
i'm happy that kater's halloween costume is completed and i don't have to work on it with kleenex shoved up my nose.

me in my jammies and slippers
jank teaching katers about animals using flashcards from the 80's. love them!

here's to hoping you can find the good.
and if you can't- that's ok.
some days just straight up suck.
there's always tomorrow.


Monday, October 25, 2010

l'oreal natural #5

to my dear friend and hair stylist for the last 6 years:

you hate me.
it's ok.
you have just cause.
i cancelled my appointment with you and didn't have the guts to tell you to your face.
i just up and called the salon and cancelled.
i suck.

in my defense....
i am trimming (get it trimming?? i'm so clever) back our budget.
and that includes hair.
no more coloring and cutting at the salon.
it has nothing to do with you- you're great!
remember my awesome victoria beckham knockoff with purple?
that was my fav.

so i have to say goodbye for awhile.
i will be dying my hair at home.
from a box.
like you told me NEVER to do.
again, sorry.

please don't hate.
i'll see you soon.
(like THE DAY AFTER jancer graduates and lands a job)

ps. these pics are proof that the at-home coloring can turn out ok... at least i thought so.

pps. this is the first day in weeks i haven't worn my hair in a pony. and the hair on my neck is already bugging me.


fancy jank

i just had my wedding prints scanned and put on a cd. 
now i can share that day with all the world...

thanks be to modern technology.

and to inkleys.

and to this man:

always on his cell... even on our wedding day.

lets me have the window seat.
rubs my feet.
calls me beautiful.
makes me laugh.
plays hide and seek with our daughter.
makes bacon and forgets to open a window so the apartment reeks for days.

(ok so the last one is not so great. but that's life)


Thursday, October 21, 2010

read only if not eating (you've been warned)


i'm trying to be patient.
i know you don't feel well.
i know you just want elmo.
i know you hate the constant stream of goo from your nose.
believe me, i HATE it too.

this morning i got distracted unloading the dishes and forgot to wipe your nose.
(this needs to be done every 3 seconds)
so you did the only logical toddler thing.
you came over and rubbed your face on my leg.
sick. gag. gross. yuck
i guess i deserved it.
i did forget about you for 10 seconds.
my bad.
but i do get props for not getting mad.
(told you i was being patient)

let's NEVER do that again ok?


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

let's all just quit our jobs

To the hubs:

i wish you could work from home.
and by 'work' i totally mean hang out with me and the kid all day.

don't get me wrong,
i love your career choice.
more importantly, you love it 
and you're good at it.
nice combo.

but i would love to have you around to make me laugh-
especially when katers is licking her palms and smearing them on the tv.
(seriously?!? where does she learn these things?!?)

i would love to have you at home so i could talk with you.
somedays i'm desperate for adult contact.
i take kate on outings just to see other people and talk with them.
somedays inspiration lacks and we go to target.....

well, let's just say we go to target a LOT.

but i what i really hate about you not 'working' from home is how you miss things.
like kate learning how to moo like a cow.
or the green goo that ran like a faucet from her nose today.
(bet you're super bummed about that one)

so here's an outing you missed and one that i haven't really told you about yet.
is it just me or have these last few days been a little crazy??

i took our little one to the farnsworth cider mill pumpkin festival.
(they used the term festival a little too freely)
still, the weather was gorgeous and they had apple cider doughnuts.
which translated means MINI DONUTS!!

so here's our day along with a list of reasons you should work from home:

i made a stranger take this pic.
reason one: we need a photographer

kate LOVED her swing and was severely peeved when i removed her from it.
my butt looks big- yikes!

i forgot cash and didn't have the 50 cents it costs for katers to enter the jumphouse.
luckily a friendly stranger took pity on us.
reason two: we need your pocket full of loose change

 i know she looks forlorn but she actually had a great time. 
and the other kiddos were kind to her and didn't jump on her head.
thanks kiddos!!

 i thought these bales of hay would make a cute photo op so i plopped our cutie down.
turns out the hay was stabbing her legs.
reason three: she needs you to protect her from my "good" ideas

note the hot dog bun clenched in her fists.
she refused to eat it but wouldn't let go of it.
straaaaange child we have.

so that about sums up our day.
missed you as always.
thanks for working so hard for us.

love you.


Saturday, October 16, 2010



every good idea i have is taken from someone else's good idea.
i am a idea thief.
for this, i apologize.
but at least i give credit when credit can be given.


i hesitated to post this.
i debated for last two weeks about it.
i have no creative skills.
you have an amazing talent.
or talents, i suppose.
your photos and videos inspire me.
they make me so jealous i could scream.

it makes me happy that you are aware of your talent.
i'm glad you're following your dreams.
thanks for creating awesome stuff to look.

i hesitated to post this for many reasons:

~i know for most people it will be boring.
~i have fluorescent lights in my apartment.
~my video camera is nothing fancy.
~i sound ridiculous on camera.

and then i told myself to shut up and just post the dang video.

episode one

thank you for the inspiration!
your tessa is absolutely beautiful.

maybe someday i will recreate your maternity series.
because it almost made me cry it was so well done.
and i'm a sucker for pregnant bellies-
so weirdly alien and beautiful all at the same time.

thanks again!



Thursday, October 14, 2010

down on the farm


i can't thank you all enough for kater's blankies.
they go EVERYWHERE with us.
even though i swore i would never be one of those parents.
y'know, the ones that let their kid drag their blankie around.
but i've learned a few things along the way.
most important, pick your battles.

thank heavens she didn't literally drag it around.
that farm was dirty and dusty.
(i know, i know. it's a farm. but i'm NOT a farm girl)

despite the dirt, the outing with bb, liz and friends was great.
the weather was gorgeous and the ducks were friendly.

maybe a little too friendly....
kate was shaking with fear and kept slowly backing away from them.
oh, my sweet little terrified child.

 thanks so much for your thoughtfulness.
we love, love, LOVE those blankets!


and a few more pics for nana

 have you booked those flights yet??

we're going to need moving help after thanksgiving.
if you don't come to entertain katers, 
she will be plopped in front of the tv while i pack
and her brain will implode from elmo, dinosaur train and superwhy excess.
do you really want that fate for your granddaughter??

(if liz's face on the tractor doesn't do it for you, i don't know what will)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the first meet


you called tonight to tell me that your OB appt went well.
i'm so glad.
is there anything more nerve-wracking than growing a baby??
you're doing a great job.
12 meals a day is totally normal.

after we talked i got to thinking about the early days...
you know when the girls couldn't destroy a room in 2 seconds.
those were the days!
remember this?

were they really that little?!?!?

i love that liz is staring at your face with purpose.
and i love kater's little foot stuck out there for me to smother in kisses.

oh, i can't stand that i have to wait for 24 more weeks.
hurry up little baby and get here!


Monday, October 11, 2010

excuse her, social decorum is not her strength

future mommies,

lock your bathroom cupboards.
or at least store the feminine hygiene products out of toddler reach.
otherwise you will find your toddler with these in her hands:

and when you try to take them away she will do this:

just a small piece of advice i should have heeded loooooong ago.

(they're clean. and unused. and sanitary. if they hadn't been, gagging not picture taking would've occurred)


Saturday, October 9, 2010

shopping ban

heaven help me.    i've been cut off.    and i did it to myself.


i LOVE to shop.
i'll freely admit it.
especially at your store.
but our budget just got tighter with me cutting back my hours.

can i do it?
one year without anything new.
(underwear excluded. duh)

i seriously doubt it.
but i'll certainly try.

so far i've done well.
yesterday i went to two different malls looking for shoes for kate.
grrrrrrr, the lack of shoes for skinny feet!!
and i didn't buy anything for myself.
it was horrible.


but not that horrible because i found something great at your store
(where i was torturing myself by "just looking")
this hat was meant for adults but it fit kater's and that was that.

at $7.80 i think it was necessary.
and jank agrees.

i must be comfy because miss kate actually leaves it on her head.
instead of ripping it off 2 seconds after it's put on.
a mother's dream come true.

thanks for letting me release my shopping tension.
and technically i didn't break the shopping ban since it was for katers.

ps. your return policy stinks, let's do something about that.


Friday, October 8, 2010

they destroy AND clean.


Just wanted you to see what you're missing.....
maybe it'll prompt you to purchase some plane tickets and get
you nana bum out here!

liz might be TERRIFIED of the real vacuum but she looooves they one that sings
and the songs aren't annoying at all. nope, NOT AT ALL.

the obsession with kater's curl continues... 
and yes, that is a doorstop that she is using to "comb" kate's hair.

i'm such a great auntie
check out how happy liz is to be seeing her "melmo"



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

rainy wednesday


someday i'll stop giving you nicknames.
oh wait, that'll never happen.

today i ran errands while you stayed home with your dad. 
music was blasted, windows were down, the sun was out and i was loving it.
"what a great day for a walk" i thought.
i returned home, we ate lunch and then this happened:

and i tried really, really hard not to get mad at the universe for pouring down rain but i have a problem called 'catastrophic thinking'. that's when something minor happens and instead of thinking "oh that sucks" and then moving on,  i think "oh that sucks, and now the day is ruined. my child will be cranky from lack of walk and because she is cranky i will become cranky and we will do nothing for the rest of the day except stare at each other and be cranky and then the sky will fall and a tornado will come and we will be homeless and cold". i know what you're thinking and yes, i am fully aware that this isn't healthy. i hope you don't inherit this way of thinking. please, please, PLEASE be like your dad. stuff just rolls off his back and it's so awesome.

so i channeled some jank and pulled some optimism out of my soul and lo and behold! it worked!! it was a great day filled with sweatsuits and chocolate cake for dinner.

you were content to play in your drawers, pulling EVERYTHING out and then shoving it all into your crib. it was very entertaining to watch. you're so easily frustrated right now but if you don't know anyone is watching you will keep working at it until you get it. if you know we are watching you give up quickly and give us a look that says "well, are you going to help me or not?!". such a stinker.

once you exhausted the "tear apart the nursery" game, it was onto the "play in the bathtub" game. this included putting everything into the tub (including a tube of tennis balls) and then banging around so that the neighbors could attest to the fun you were having. the best part is that you can't climb out of the tub yet so you were trapped. HAPPILY trapped. promise! you loved it.

and would a rainy day really be complete without a movie? of course not. so it was "mo" for us. no offense little one but elmo is quite annoying. i know you want to marry him and everything but he doesn't do it for me. i can't wait until we can watch disney movies together.

look how cute you look using that pillow that's bigger than you.

alright tiny, let's review what we learned today:

1. sweatsuits are awesome and should be worn as much as possible before you turn 4 and it's no longer socially acceptable.
2. positive thinking is great
3. sometimes being stuck in the apartment can be fun. (remind me of this when it's mid-january and we're pulling our hair out)


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

brigham boys

mr red:

there are many things i appreciate about you.

you remember my birthday.
you read my blog.
you always smell nice
your face in this photo:

(photo from peach days)
dang, mr jancer is looking fiiiiiiiine!

thanks for making that face.
i needed a good laugh today.

hope you had a great day scootchies!


camille, thanks for the photos. you're right about the boys appreciating it. too bad they always whine like toddlers during the photo-taking. someday they'll thank you!


Monday, October 4, 2010

summation of mrs jank

things that make me smile:

my toddler waking up from a nap with a dent in her forehead. as long as the dent is from sleeping soundly on her 'olivia' book and not from a scuffle with evil martians. (you have been warned evil martians- DO NOT take my kid again. you will not survive my wrath)

realizing that i unintentionally dressed katers as my mini-me today. ruffled tank-yep, cardi- always!, skinny jeans- of course. man, did we look adorable. too bad i didn't take a picture to prove miss kate wears more than pajamas.

pretending i'm from the deep south and calling my daughter "katie grace". no one is allowed to do this but me. no one.

flipping through the stack of magazines that have been piling up for over a month while sitting on the couch watching mindless TV and finishing off my conference coke. (as in coca cola. the legal system and my husband frown upon cocaine use)

things that make me say 'grrrrr':

stepping on crumbs on a kitchen floor. i wear slippers year round. sweeping takes more energy than putting slippers on. no judging.

when jank leaves the volume cranked to high heaven in my car or on the computer. ohhhhh, there are words when this happens. and he always says, 'wasn't me'. yeah, like it's little katers who stays up late listening to heart murmurs turned up so high it freaks the neighbors out. can you just imagine- having to listen to a never-ending LOUD beating heart for the last week. creeeeeepy!

teething. incisor coming in along with the 4 molars that keep coming and going. enough said.

things that make me do both:

being told no less than 4 times today that i have a 'very outgoing child'. i'm totally mystified by her behavior. she said hi and goodbye to EVERYONE. and blew kisses to all she encountered.

maybe that dent is from an outer-space lobotomy....


Sunday, October 3, 2010

an aunt named ki-ki


hi sis!

i was thinking about you yesterday as i watched general conference. 
i hope that your first conference weekend was wonderful.
did you know that conference isn't just on sundays?!?
yep, it's on saturday too.
(jank didn't know about the saturday thing until he was in high school)

conference goodies- the lemon drops are to cleanse the palate

i hope you had lots of goodies to eat.
in utah it's a big deal to have lots of goodies.
 and many families have special "conference treats" that are only made twice a year.
mormon utah culture is so funny like that.
i made cookie dough.
and i barely ate any.
and by barely i mean 3 bowls.

kate (well-supervised as always)

on my way to work i had to pass through downtown salt lake.
there were people everywhere.
men in white shirts and ties.
women in pretty dresses.
and although the congestion almost made me late for work,
it was nice to see so many smiling people.

as i was taking care of an inebriated patient, one of my coworkers said
"it's conference weekend, people aren't supposed to get drunk!"
(they were kidding)
if only that were true-
then i would not have needed to body-slam his drunk butt back into bed. 
(it was sweeeeet)

hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine was.
and i really hope we get to see you soon.

missing you.



Friday, October 1, 2010

who knew provo could be fun???

dearest cjane,

i have only been reading your blog for a few months now but it's already become daily read for me.
you've written things that have reached deep into my soul and helped me to see my life more clearly.
but tonight i'm not going to discuss your amazing writing.
although it does on occasion seem like words from heaven.
i'm merely going to thank you for a great date.
(with mr. jank, not you. although i'm sure that would be fun too)

we called it our 'cjane date'
bless my hubbers heart for even knowing who cjane is!
(turns out he actually listens to my incessant babbling)
we went to slab pizzeria because you toted it as fantastic.
jank was a little hesitant because he thinks he is a pizza connoisseur  (totally not!)
but at the end of 1.5 'slabs' he said "best pizza ever"
the man was happy.
i also thought it was phenomenal 
but i'm easy to please as long as cream, cheese, mushrooms and sausage are involved.

then we were off to your rooftop concert series.
but first there was a stop-off for some hot cocoa.
cuz you know if it's 70 degrees, it's totally time for hot cocoa.

we just thought we were in for a wonderful free outdoor concert.
i didn't realize that the opening act was libbie linton.
the same libbie linton that sings one of our favorite lullabies.
what a small world.
and she was amazing.
so thanks for her.

we had to skedaddle a little early since i was on call at 10
but what we caught of the main act 'lower lights' was rad.
a hymn revival group preforming for their first time together.
complete with tambourine.
i wanted to get up and dance (which i am not good at so i refrained)
instead i sang along and jancer tapped his feet.

the weather was perfect. the food was wonderful. i got to snuggle with my love.
the venue was awesome. the music was dance-worthy... what a great night.
(marred only slightly by katers' little face staring through bb's window as we drove away- so sad!)

so thanks a million for the inspiration for our date night.
and keep up the good work.


the jancers


good morning MN


i want you to know that although kate is growing waaaaay to quickly, some things remain the same.

she still likes to go out on the balcony and wave hi and goodbye to all the neighbors.
she still likes to bark at all the dogs on their morning walks.
she still loves bananas and has one every morning.
she still hates her car seat and cries EVERYtime we go ANYwhere.
and unfortunately she still gets called a boy...

this morning we were at the library and a lady said "oh, isn't he sweet"
you would've been proud of me- i didn't say anything to her.
(i wanted to snap "c'mon lady! she's a freakin girl! pink stripe hoodie, little turquoise shorts and pink shoes!!" but i refrained. it was difficult)

i wondered if i should pierce her ears to end all the confusion but i decided against it.
i always liked that you let bb and i decide if we wanted them pierced or not. 
it felt nice to be respected like that.
so we'll hold off on the torturing of kater's ears until she's old enough to decide for herself.
until then i will continue to hold my tongue.
(but i retain the right to mutter "idiot" under my breath)