Friday, August 31, 2012

coronado beach, the best place to be on a random thursday in august.


i wonder at what age you will stop taking your clothes off in public?
[so help me if anyone says 25!]

at least we were able to convince you to keep your unders on.

never a dull moment.
love you crazy kid.

Friday, August 24, 2012

the sea.


thanks for taking a random thursday off from work.
spending the day with you and the girls was wonderful.

living in yuma has it's downfalls,
being 2.5 hours from san diego is definitely not one of them.

thanks for the great day.


[more photos to come... in 5 years [give or take 3 years]. because that'll probably be when i can find time ;) ]

Monday, August 20, 2012

6 months old.

hey miss evers:

today for lunch you had green beans, squash and a bottle
[the last was completely unappreciated by you. it's a chore to get you to finish a bottle these days].
what the what?!?
i swear i blink and 2 months goes flying by.
when did you start sitting in a high chair and pounding jars of baby food?
oh man does life with the second kid whiz by.
soon you'll be toddling around and i'll have my pots and pans strewn across the house.
but not yet, thank heavens.

right now we're just working on rolling to the left.
rolling to the right is easy peasy [a feat first accomplished on july 24th while in utah].
but that left shoulder gets you every time.
sometimes i see you narrow your eyes when trying to roll to the left and i swear you're thinking,
'damn you left shoulder!'
but maybe that's just me projecting.

also, please continue with the jowls.
they're everyones favorite and do wonders for brightening up my bad days.
a little nibble clears up my anxiety right quick.

you had a lovely visit with you pediatrician recently for your 6 month check.
you weighed in at 16 lbs 5 ounces.
you're 26 inches long.
and that's about how big kate was when she turned a year old-
way to go chunkaloo!

when i was pregnant, tired and so very weary of having heartburn;
i remember wishing for a healthy, happy, fat baby.
looks like i got my wish.


Friday, August 10, 2012

back to school.

dear God,

just a quick note to say thanks for making 3 year olds so easily excitable.
sure, it makes for some long days when i hear myself say fifty times-
'kate! please quit squealing and jumping on the couch'
but on days like today [when a certain mama forgot it was show-and-tell at school]
i'm so glad 3 year olds are easily impressed-
'look kate! two quarters i found under my seat! want to take them to show-and-tell?!'
'oh wow. money! YEAAAAAAA!'

mom's a hero.
end scene.

thanks God.
you make me look good.

ps. if it's not asking too much, do you think you could put a stop to evelyn's diarrhea? we're going on 9 days of blowouts and i'm just a wee bit tired of it. if not, that fine. i'm sure you've got plenty else to worry about.