Friday, May 31, 2013

saturday- la jolla and seaworld

[last vacation recap. i promise!! sorry i'm such a sloooooow blogger. life happens]

saturday we had to say good bye to all my family, who boarded planes and headed back to the cold [suckas!!]
we [the lucky ones] got one extra day of vacation since our home is only a short drive away.
we decided another day at sea world was in order.
you'd think we would be sick of that place, but nope!
it's the dolphins... and the roller coaster... and the churros.
love it all.

we stopped in la jolla for lunch and decided to stretch our legs and wander around the beautiful town and coastline.
let's just state the obvious: la jolla is gorgeous.
we will be returning to this beautiful place.
it warrants an entire day of wandering.

so thanks la jolla for being so wonderful!

then it was on to sea world!
i put away the camera and just enjoyed the day with everyone.
but these are a few pics i snapped with my iphone:

and that, my friends, ends the epic vacation recap.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

friday- pool day

friday was another 'hang out at the resort day'.
a day for packing up,
and swimming in the kid-friendly pool.

isn't escondido the prettiest?
i mean, really.

 ^this kid and sunglasses^
i can barely keep them on my face [let's pretend it's cute and not annoying, m'kay?]
^the only decent [and i use that term extreeeeeemely loosely] picture of kate i took all day^
she was having too much fun to hold still.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

according to instagram.

[may insta's]

 mcdonalds picnic at the park.
 afternoons consist of swimming and picnics. it's a rough life we lead.
 yuma's public library is pretty awesome. the kids play area keeps them entertained for quite awhile and when that ceases to amaze them, there is always the outdoor reading area full of trees, flowers and magic [i mean really, just look at that place- it's heavenly!]
 krew and kate fight and love like brother and sister- so glad they have each other. and evelyn is super proficient at mess-making much to my dismay. 
 one day when evie was exceptionally fussy and kate was restless, i loaded the kids into the car and we went on a hunt for bridges. sounds kinda dumb but it kept kate entertained and i got to see parts of yuma i had never seen before. i used to think yuma was ugly, but it is really growing on me lately. 
 kate and evie had their well-child checkups. they both had to have immunizations which in my book requires a good carb overload [i can never turn down a croissant]. and evie loves being read to. she'll grab a book and climb into my lap and push the book into my hands- love it. 
 we went hiking with the saunders somewhere out in the middle of the desert. i was surprised how well the kids did. 
 kate was a little jealous that evie got to be carried the entire way :)
 post-hike lunch at lake martinez. a real-life oasis
 my favorite picture in the entire house [and it's hanging behind the toilet. odd choice, i know]. and evie found kate's stash of princesses- look at that guilty face!
 kate has learned to fully appreciate cake batter and cookie dough. i couldn't be more proud. and this is what life looks like after i work a shift- lots of ipad movies in my bed. 
out to breakfast just me and my girls. we were oh-so-fancy and went to cracker barrel. and this is my favorite picture to date of miss evelyn. her expression is perfection. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

thursday- coronado island

coronado island-

probably one of my most favorite places.
what's not to love?
there's the ocean, good restaurants, charming houses, sandy beaches.
we had a great day wandering around,
our lunch at the rhinoceros cafe and grill was fantastic.
and despite some pretty good wind, we had a good time at the beach. 

everyone should visit and/or live there.
[preferably live there]

enjoy another photo overload!

^oh my word- we captured an expression other than a scowl!!^


^my super awesome mom made these dresses for the girlies. love how they turned out. thanks mom!!^
^maybe my favorite picture from the whole trip^    
^this book ['divergent'] became a hot topic on the trip. bb stole it from aaron who borrowed it from me who borrowed it from my friend. fantastic read!^
^this bundle of towels is actually liz. she was so tired and so sick of the wind that she burrowed under the towels and promptly fell asleep^