Thursday, September 12, 2013

life lately

hey girls,

is it just me or has it been crazy lately?
i feel like life is zooming by and there isn't a minute of down time to document it.
we've been busy with kate's ballet and acrobatics class, preschool, the gym [whaaaat?? we're gym rats now??? impossible! but true] and work.

dad has accepted a job with a neurologist here in yuma- he signed a 2 year contract and starts at the end of september.
he likes his job in primary care, but couldn't turn down the opportunity to learn about neurology. [plus a pay raise and better hours were part of the contract. we'd be moronic not to accept]

i recently accepted a part-time job in the LDRP unit [labor, delivery, recovery and post-partum].
i'll be working mostly there with a few shifts a month back in the ER.
i'm burned out. what else can i say?
the ER here is rough. it sucks the soul out of you if you're not careful.
i'm hoping that LDRP will offer some positive experiences.
i've been forewarned [numerous times by numerous coworkers] that LDRP is not all roses, which i know from past experiences.
we have quite a bit bad situations here in yuma: babies born to drug-addicted mothers, teenage pregnancies, and generally uncaring mothers who aren't all that excited to have another kid.
these problems exist everywhere, but are more rampant here.
i'm hoping i can stomach the horribleness i'll see and be able to focus on the happy deliveries of babies born to stable and loving parents.

this time of year is always hardest on us [mostly me].
september is supposed to be about cooler temperatures, crisp breezes, jeans and cardigans.
instead we have temps in the hundreds and we're still hibernating.
i'm a little sick of swimming [did i just say that?] and sadly haven't been in the pool in more than a week.

good news is, "winter" is coming.
october is when life starts getting really good down here.
i'm excited for daily walks and trips to the park and bike rides.
it'll be great to be able to open the back door and let you guys run and play in the yard without worrying about heat exposure.

love you both.
thanks for reminding me what life is really about.
[popsicles and tea parties]


Thursday, September 5, 2013

sticker charts are the solution to all life's problems

my kater-rooskie kater-rama,

welcome back!
it was a little bit rough there for a bit huh?
thank heavens that rotten behavior is over and done with [at least for now. wish it would stay away but i know better]
in retrospect, i think there was a whole lotta sibling jealousy going on.
mixed in with some emotional growing pains,
combined with schedule changes and the start of preschool at a new school...
that's a lot to throw on a 4 year old.

your dad and i realized that part of the problem was your increasing dependence on the iPad.
once we started limiting your time to a few short periods a day, we saw a marked improvement in your behavior.

we also implemented a sticker chart [which i swear is magic] and i believe it is the key to your turn-around.
you get a sticker for positive behaviors such as listening to us the first time we ask you to do something [instead of repeating ourselves 50 bajillion times] and for picking up your toys, making your bed and helping with evie, practicing your letters/sight words, etc.
we don't take stickers away but we do still take blankies away if needs be.
i can't remember the last time i had to threaten you with the loss of your beloved blankie
[it used to be at least 5 times a day]

once you fill up your sticker chart completely,
you get a new game on the iPad.
this has helped decrease the amount of times you ask for a new game [which used to be roughly 75 bajillion gagillion times a day. see also; in-app purchases are of the devil]

i don't want to toot our horns or anything....
but way to go all of us.
we're so awesome.

just kidding.
[kind of]

i'm just happy you're back to be our sweet, sensitive, fun-loving katers.
it sure is nice to be hugged instead of having a door slammed in my face.

love you more than sunshine kiddo.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


miss kate:

or shall we say miss sass?

the last two or three days have been... interesting.
you're pushing boundaries like crazy and it's taken all my mothering will-power to not wallop you upside the head.
instead i've been threatening you with taking away your blankies [the ultimate punishment in your book since you only get them at bedtime and you claim you 'neeeeed' them to sleep because your 'head hurts if you don't have them']
yesterday i actually took them away but ended up giving just one [you have three] back to you after you sobbed for 5 minutes in your bed at bedtime.
i figured if i didn't give it to you, you would sleep terribly and there's nothing worse than a night without solid sleep, so i caved.
and i deeply regret it today.
you don't appeared to have learned anything.

if i didn't love you so dearly....

let's just leave it at that.
you're lucky kid i love you so much.

Friday, August 9, 2013

18 months old.

evie roozer:

you love:
pulling hair [anyone's but especially kate's. as you can imagine, that doesn't go over too well]
sleeping [when we tell you it's bedtime, you scoops up your 14 blankies and head right into your room. parenting success!]
saying 'ma maaaa. ma maaaaa!!' fifty thousand times a day.
toothbrushes [i think you have 4 stashed in various places around the house]

you hate:
being told no. [your bottom lip shoots right out and it's the saddest/cutest thing i've ever seen]
when kate's not around to play with/annoy.
eating [for the most part. obviously there are some items you enjoy {see list above}]

and no, evelyn doesn't have a skin condition-
her arms are splotchy due to numerous sloppy sunblock application.
what can you do when she won't hold still for 2 seconds?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

a failed attempt to expand your palate.


yesterday i was whipping up some amazingness for lunch
[as is the case every day. i'm a fantastic cook, you didn't know?]
and i put a small portion of a M&M cookie on your plate; hidden among the goldfish, mixed nuts and watermelon, strawberries and carrots [see? told ya]

it took you all of two seconds to realize what i had done.
and then it was hands on the hips and an exasperated sigh with a drawn out 'mooooooom! i told you i don't like cookies!'

well, excuse me kid.
just trying to get you to enjoy the finer things in life.
pardon my folly.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a true toddler now


this pic was taken one day a few weeks ago at the library.
because when mama is plum outta ideas of how to entertain the girlies we head to the library.
new books! new toys! oh so exciting!
[it's not really that exciting but libraries always feel a bit magical to me. mostly due to my many good memories of summer visits to the library when i was girl. thanks mom!]

look at that sweet face and those gigantic cheeks.
what an angel's face.
[that kinda sorta looks down syndrome in this picture? maybe just a little? i know. i know. that's terrible to say, but it's a little true]

you hadn't learned the art of a tantrum when this picture was taken.
my, how things have changed.
this week you have perfected that art.
there's the throwing of yourself on the floor, followed closely with two chubby hands shoved into your eyes and all sorts of fake crying that sounds so realistic that every once in awhile you fool me or your dad.
[note: your dad is a sucker for crying and caves waaaaay to easily. i have a feeling you will exploit this many times in your life]
and then there's the thrashing about- legs kicking, butt bouncing, rolling to and fro as only a toddler can do.
you certainly look like a tortured soul.

but we're onto you little one.
we've done this rodeo before and it's not nearly as impressive the second time around.
keep up the good work though.
the tantrums seem to tire you out and there's nothing this mama loves more than extra long naps.

love ya kiddo.
tantrums and all.