Tuesday, July 31, 2012

back to real life

late sunday night we returned from our week-long trip to utah.
we were able to see both jank's and my family and some good friends.
it was wonderful.

thank heavens for time away.
it gave jank and i time to reconnect,
something we both desperately needed.
we were able to take a step back from everyday life and reprioritize 
[spell check says reprioritize is not a word. it's a word isn't it???]

my goal this week is to get all the vacation pictures uploaded and edited
because try as i might, i'm still not a very good photog so editing is a must.
we shall see how productive i can be.

productivity. what an elusive beast.

::thought tangent::
i'm sure i'm not the only one who feels like i can never get anything done.
it's sad how quickly i disregard playing with my kids as 'productive time'.
i have to remind myself when i'm squished into a kid-size chair, coloring and cutting with my katers, that those moments are my most productive and they need to be cherished.
i need to remember these wise words:


Thursday, July 5, 2012

from may 31st. when it was only 100 degrees.

remember this day eons ago?
we went to one of yuma's splash pad's
[according to my coworkers we went to the wrong one. there's two splash 
pads in town and somehow we chose the old, decrepit one] 
 and we tried to have a great outing with our friends.

remember how you whined almost the entire time?
and refused to eat your lunch?
and sucked on someone's discarded batman pez dispenser?
and got hepatitis C from said dispenser?
[ok, so maybe that last one was an exaggeration but seriously kid, 
don't pick up discarded toys and put them in your mouth!!!]

soooo much fun.
at least life isn't dull.

love you despite your hep C.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

another iphone update

i recently had a nice little chat with my manager.
i requested a decrease in my hours so i could spend more time with my little family.
luckily, she complied with my wishes.
starting in august i will work 3 nights one week,
and 2 shifts the next week.
yay for not being a walking zombie.
working these hours is still considered full-time so i am able to retain benefits. 
we looked into decreasing my hours even more and enrolling in private insurance, but it's not really worth it right now. 
plus, as much as i dislike yuma's chaotic ED, it's forcing me to become a much better RN. 
and i do enjoy seeing the professional growth 
[even if it kills me]

onwards to the photos!
some of these date back to june 14th.
i'm such a mommyblogger/instagraming slacker.
tsk. tsk.

kate loves dressing herself which means i've become quite a good liar as of late: 'you look super rad!' just rolls off my tongue with little effort.....and, the last day with floaties. i'll post a video soon of her [uncoordinated but effective] swimming capabilities.

what's cuter than a fat baby squished into a swim suit?? nothing, i tell you.

kate is obsessed with ants. ants she likes. but crickets and spiders and flies are a cause for instant tears and hysterics [i have absolutely no idea where she gets that from.... i was most definitely not paralyzed with fear the other night when i saw a cricket in the ED]..... and, lil evie had a virus for a couple of days that gave her a low-grade temp and a silly rash. oh, those sad eyes kill me.

the only time we can do tummy-time is right away in the morning when her stomach is empty. otherwise miss ev regurgitates every drop of milk even if it's been 4 hours since a feeding. did i mention we LOVE spitty babies?! soooo awesome.

these are cinnamon roll waffles. just pop them out of the tube they come in, squish 'em in the waffle iron for a few minutes and presto! breakfast of the healthiest kind..... and, nakey time. see also: ev spit up on her last clean onesie and mommie despises doing the laundry.

evie sleeping in the 100+ degree heat at kate's swim lessons.... and, i finally got around to hanging my favorite art projects from kate. pretty sure i'm going to save that hand-flower for the rest of my life.

snuggling with this babe is one of my two favorite things to do..... and, dance parties with this kiddo is my other favorite thing. 

hope everyone has a great independence day!