Thursday, May 31, 2012

a name and a blessing.


i'm so proud of you for holding it together while blessing our sweet baby E last week.
i know it's hard for you to control your tears when you see your baby dressed in a (semi) white dress.
she sure did look darling, didn't she?

thank you for being such a good dad to our little girls.

i love you.


Friday, May 25, 2012

My thoughts at one am.

Blogging from my iphone- not my favorite but it'll have to do for tonight. I have no desire to get out of this warm bed.

Jank lays next to me, intermittently sighing and shifting in his sleep.
I hope he dreams of me.

I love my quiet house.
Little girls tucked in, bellies full and spirits sweet.

Kate chose ariel and snow white to snuggle with in her bed tonight.
But of course she did- It's who she always chooses.

Evelyn sleeps wrapped up in her swaddle sack.
She sleeps best when her arms are secured to her sides.
She giggled for the first time on Sunday and that small noise made my heart soar.
That baby is good for my soul.

Life has been so full of happiness lately [minus a tantrum or two- one that involved an attempted biting. Ugh]
I have felt balanced and content.
It's good to be me again.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

i've officially acclimated to yuma weather.

yesterday i ran into a friend in the grocery market.
it was a 98 degree day and we both had long sleeves on.
[i had shorts on, she had pants on. i'm acclimated, not crazy]
we chatted about how it's finally pool weather.
oh how i love pool weather.

so please excuse me as i spend my days soaking up the sunshine and scooping 
princesses off the bottom of the pool.
because 'don't throw your princesses in the deep end' sounds a whole lot like
'please, please, please throw them in again' to my 3 year old.


Monday, May 14, 2012

adventures in parenting

evie rue:

you might look just like your big sister,
but your baby personalities are polar opposites.
i couldn't get kate to smile to save my life,
you hand out gummy grins like they're nothing.
which is good considering how much you spit up on me.
i'll consider your smiles payment for all the extra laundry.

sweet baby girl, i love you.


when i hear you crying in your bed during the night i assume you've had a bad dream.
so i hurry to your room to chase your troubles away.

last night i couldn't get you to calm down so i scooped you up and held you tight. 
i whispered soothing words into your ear and rocked you back and forth.
and then you peed on me.

next time how about you just say 'mommie i have to pee'.
i think that'll work a little better for the both of us.


Friday, May 11, 2012

being a mom. hardest and awesomest job ever.

miss kate.

it's been a rough week hasn't it?
sibling jealousy is rearing it's ugly head.
and you've crossed into 3 yr old glory.
which means every conversation is a negotiation 
[one more time...two more minutes...why??... why not???...]
and so it goes.

you're growing up.
eager to explore and climb and do everything yourself.
it seems you don't need me like you used to.
at least not physically.
you brush your own teeth, dress yourself, feed yourself and can run the dvd player better than your nana.

but then weeks like this week happen and i realize how much you still need me [at least emotionally].
you need me to look into your eyes and tell you all that is wonderful about you.
you need reassurance that i still love you despite how much time i spend caring for the baby.
you need me to get down on the floor and play with you.
you need me to teach you how to roll your r's.

sometimes i forget that you're only a child.
sometimes my patience wears thin and i don't say the right things.
thank you for forgiving me and for loving me.

i love you little girl.
you made me a mama and for that i'll always be grateful.

hope everyone has a great mother's day weekend full of sleep and yummy food.


Friday, May 4, 2012

you make me happy when skies are gray.

evie rue-

what a peach you are.
sleeping straight through the night and then some more
[we're talking 12 hours people. 12 hours of uninterrupted glorious sleep]

i never thought i loved the baby stage.
[let's be honest, babies don't do much more than make big messes and make you late to everything]
but man alive, do i love you baby girl.
and i find myself loving this stage.
your coos and gummy grins make my world go round.

thanks for being my sunshine.

ps. we are finally back to full health. the flu is gone and my sinus infection has been eradicated. and it feels great.