Monday, January 31, 2011

a post for mr. red

what scootchies wants, scootchies gets and today he demanded a new blog post.
i haven't taken a decent picture in days so all you get is my rambling thoughts.....

CONGRATS to our dear friend mr red.

first comes love [don't freak out cuz i said the L word. it's ok, we're all adults now]
then comes a job [cache valley's job market suuuuuucks so we're super excited for you ],
then comes a destination wedding [so the jancers can take a much needed vaca]

so hurry up mr red and get on that knee.
i really hope amy is reading this- she needs to be aware of my awkward honesty.

and now on to some ramblings...

it was cloudy and snow fell this morning.
i woke up exhausted- a work hangover from a blasted 14 hour shift.

jank was home today which was great-
i love having him in the apartment.
even if all he does is work on his master's presentation.
at least i can say "peanut, go tell your daddy you're stinky and need a change"
[insert evil laugh here]

i watched 2 hours of the bachelor tonight and then fell asleep on the couch.
not exactly a productive evening.
at least i made coconut-walnut brownies.
not sure if that's productive or counter-productive?

this month jank is doing his ER rotation.
[not in my ER- one a few blocks away. his ER gets traumas and burns. we get drunks and psych]
his shifts are mostly swing or night shifts so he'll be home a lot during the day.
hope he likes pretzels for lunch and watching tarzan 15 times a day!

is that enough random thoughts for you mr red?
are you bored of me?
i am.

good night.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

just let me pretend it's summer

to the little girl who attempted to drown at the sojo rec center-

it's probably rude of me to say thank you for almost drowning.
ok, not probably.
it is rude.
but i'll carry on with this letter anyway.

yesterday my friend ty and i were pretending it was summertime.
we wrangled up our kiddos and went swimming.
actually i didn't have to wrangle much (having only one child) but ty has 3 kids so she definitely wrangled.
but she always makes it look so easy.
curse you ty.

miss kate all bundled up post swim. i know she looks cold but the water was wonderfully warm.

back to you little girl who's name i don't know...

there ty and i were playing in the splash pool when i heard a lifeguard whistle.
my head whipped around even before i could process the sound.
(instinct i guess. drilled into me during the fantastic summer of 2002 when i spent everyday lifeguarding)
i scanned the pool quickly and that's when i saw your little head bobbing and your arms splashing frantically.
i (literally) tossed katers at ty and dove over the rope separating you from me.
i can't remember the last time i moved so fast.
as i kicked harder than i thought i was capable of,
i opened my eyes under water and saw you little body still struggling.
my arms closed the short gap between us and i shoved your body to the surface.

this is when i realized a very young lifeguard had reached you at the exact same time.
silly me, thinking you needed my help!
you had two cute (and older) boys waiting to rescue you, which i'm sure you would've preferred.
the lifeguard in the water even had a sweatshirt on- how did he swim in that?!

but i couldn't help myself from responding.
i didn't even think, just reacted to my long ago training.
and i loved every adrenalin-pumping second of it.
made for a great day-- but only because you were alright.
heaven help us all if that situation had turned worse and it was only me and two (very young) lifeguards.

so thanks for adding some excitement to the day.
i really didn't need it- but i'll always take it.
i'm so thankful you're ok!
(good call on wearing a life jacket for the rest of the day)

the crazy mom in the brown and white swimsuit

ps. who wants to see another picture of kate all tuckered out? everyone does?! ok, here you go:

i thought for sure she would nap for hours after this.... joke's on me- 30 minutes is all i got.


Monday, January 24, 2011

what's for lunch?

to all those who are concerned about the health of the jancers-

i just wanted you to know that today for lunch miss kate and i had...

parmesan tilapia
sugar snap peas

we eat healthy {sometimes}

but then i see the lone slice of chocolate cake sitting on our cake stand and i just can't resist it.
i mean, someone has to eat it- right?
it might as well be kate and moi.

look how happy sugar makes us!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

what i learned in church today: nothing.

to the sweet lady who runs the church nursery:

today when we walked into church (20 minutes late- eek) you greeted us with a smile.
if only you knew what was coming, you would've slammed the door in our faces.

kate's dad and i have always stayed in the nursery with her- switching off at the halfway point.
i know you probably always thought this was because we were overprotective parents.
but it's really not like that.
we would be more than happy to drop her off with you and joyfully skip off to sunday school.
two hours sans toddler?
i'll take it!
i love my kid, but bring on the adult time please.

the reason we stay is because of kate's gag reflex.
when she cries for longer than a few minutes she gags and throws up.
and we know when we leave her she will cry.
it's a given.

but she's done so well at the babysitter's lately we thought we'd give the whole separation thing another shot.
i really thought she would be ok with you.
she likes you and didn't fight too much when i handed her to you.
i quickly exited the nursery and hunkered down in the hall to listen for a minute or two.

and there i stood listening to her cry,
waiting for the retching noise but i never heard it.
after two minutes she quieted down and i thought

and then your nursery helper opened the door and said,
"she threw up"

and there my sweet child sat on your lap with tears streaming down her cheeks and vomit on her dress.
i quickly rushed to your side to help clean up.
as i reached for my wipes i saw that it wasn't just her dress that was yucked on.
the chair, the floor and your skirt were all victims.

i was mortified.
it's one thing to be the mom of'the toy-stealer' but quite another to be the mom of 'the vomiter'.
i couldn't get out of there fast enough.
(4 hours of sleep and stressful situations are not a good combination for me)
i apologized profusely and you were so sweet.
you told me not to worry about it.

but i can't stop worrying about it.
if some rugrat had barfed on my skirt i would be ticked.
jank thinks we should get you a gift card so you can replace the skirt and i agree.
you deserve more than an apology.

so again, i'm so deeply sorry my kid has no ability to control her gagging.
our plan is to stay with her in the nursery from now on so this horrific scene isn't repeated.
it seems the only option for now.
maybe in a few months we will revisit the idea of leaving her with you

ps. i really wish i had taken a pic of kate leaving church (10 minutes after getting there). she had on a black shirt, a diaper and mary janes. it was awesome.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

sunshine= giddy and random kayla


this is what was happening in my car today while i talked to you:

that's kate in case you didn't recognize her-
normally she's crying (not peacefully sleeping) when she's in the car so that's probably why you don't recognize her.

doesn't that position look painful?
don't worry, i left her like that.
i wasn't about to wake a sleeping toddler-
i figured if she couldn't breathe, she'd wake up.
(now that's some great logic isn't it??)

this is what i did after i hung up with you but before i picked up liz from bb's store.
because i know you are just dying to know how i waste 30 minutes.

why yes, those are beautiful. 
thanks for noticing.
they're flash cards that you can color.
courtesy of an app i downloaded for kate but use (frequently) when i'm bored.
i'm such a great artist.

and when i get bored of coloring...
i try styling my hair different ways.

option 1:

option 2:

i went with option 1.
i bet you agree.

ok, well that's enough randomness for one day.
enjoy maui!
i'm so glad you and dad get to spend 2 weeks just relaxing.
(soooooo jealous)
send pics everyday so i can be happy for you and sad for all of us stuck on the mainland.
drink a lavaflow for all of us.
ok, now i'm just depressed.
love you


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

random thoughts on a gray rainy day

i remember when i first moved to utah nearly ten years ago. 
i loved the mountains and blue skies.
it seemed that the sun never stopped shining-
even in cache valley.

having grown up in the midwest,
i was accustomed to long dreary winters.
but now after ten years of clear skies,
i am accustomed to sunny winters.

i need the sun.
it fuels my soul.

these past weeks have been dreary.
and i don't like it.
not one bit.

we have a major life change heading our way-
jank will graduate in august!
(did you see the countdown on the sidebar? me likey!)

so i've been looking for homes and jobs in south carolina.
(i've always had a bit of a crush on the southern states and SC appears wonderful in pictures)

pictures to help prove my point-

we've spent the last week or so tossing around the idea of moving out of utah.
i say 'let's just do it. it's perfect timing and we need a change'
but then i remember how much i hate big changes and i tell him
'it's too much stress and too far from family'

thus far we haven't decided anything-
good thing we have lots of time to make the decision.
(i think i'm going to need a lot of anxiety meds to survive this life change)
oh i wish i was more easy-going

some more pics to inspire you all to move with us-

 look at that blue sky.

your thoughts? 
ever been to SC or somewhere else you think would be lovely to move to? 
if someone says tooele- i'll kill them!

ps. at least the south is closer than spain! we tossed that idea around for awhile but decided the timing isn't right. maybe (hopefully) in 5-10 years that can happen.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a friend


you have been a joy lately.
i don't think i've ever been so enamored with you.
we play silly games and you laugh.
we watch movies and you snuggle with me.
you copy just about everything i do.

playing on our bed is one of your favorite things to do

you're learning so quickly it's startling.
i want time to slow so i can enjoy this phase.
(and i don't think i've ever said that before)

a coworker once told me that it took her 18 months to 'fall in like' with her son.
and i remember thinking-
'that sounds strange, but i bet that's how it'll be for me'

some moms are blessed with the ability to love and like their kids immediately.
i wasn't one of them.

i loved you with all the love in the world from the very beginning,
but i didn't enjoy the baby phase as much as most new moms.
you were fussy and needed constant attention and i didn't know what i was doing or trying to do.
you and i struggled to find our balance.

it seems we have found that balance now.
you and i have become friends.
i like you and you seem to like me.
every night i say to your dad,
'i can't wait to see peanut in the morning'

your hiding spot-
we always find random toys under our pillows

kate, i want you to know these things.
i think it's important for you to know my thoughts and feelings.
and someday when you read this and say to me-
'mommie, why didn't you like me?'
i'll cry and say-
'oh peanut butter, i did like you. i just didn't know it yet'
and then we'll eat chocolate cake.
because that's what friends do.

your mum


Monday, January 17, 2011

i might be biased, but i think my kid is the cutest in the world

to the director of advertising for 'sesame street'--

i hope you are getting paid a ridiculous amount of money, because you're doing a great job.
your elmo stuff is EVERYWHERE and it makes shopping with a toddler surprisingly fun.

example a- 

on a recent trip to babies r us, kate saw this elmo bib. 
her little body started wiggling and she started joyfully shrieking.
i had no choice but to put it on her and take a picture. 
people passing were laughing at her because she couldn't stop giggling and pointing to her chest. 

and no, i didn't buy it. cloth bibs serve no purpose on my toddler-
i need me some plastic super-duper wipeable ones (that girl is messy) but still, isn't it cute?

example b-

we were in the baby food isle at target one fine day-
looking for katers' specific brand of bland oatmeal that she still loves (y'know the stuff for 6 month olds).
lo and behold there is elmo's face on a box-
in the food isle, not the toy isle like you'd expect, but the food isle.
repeat shrieking and wiggling and other shoppers laughing. 
and all i have to do is hand her the box and i can shop in peace as she lovingly strokes elmo's face and hugs the cardboard box. 

thank you whoever you are!
your distractions, i mean advertising, make shopping a breeze.

mother of an elmo addict


Thursday, January 13, 2011

snuggle sleep

elizabeth claire-

just wanted to say thank you for coming to play today and for wearing kate out.

jank's perfect evening: pizza, snuggling, bball and no clinic tomorrow-
woot, woot!

it's actually your uncle who needs to say thank you-
he's the one who got to snuggle with katers.
and as you know, kate is not a snuggler.,
so he's milking this moment for all it's worth.

you're the best.

love you!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

elmo obsession continues

meet kate

i skipped december's 'meet kate' because despite multiple efforts, nothing i filmed was any good.
it was always video of her running away from me which would work if this series were called 'watch kate run'.
but it's not called that so i skipped a month.
it's my blog so i can do things like that.

this two minute clip only took me 5 tries and an elmo doll to get something good.
(i use the term good loosely)
oh, and a banana that she had to eat in between takes.
she's a demanding actress, what can ya do?!
there was also a diaper change somewhere in those 5 tries but you don't want to hear those details.

so here she is-
older, more stubborn and with pigtails.

episode three

ps- bb i tried desperately to capture kate's new look but she wasn't going to do it. no way, no how.

Monday, January 10, 2011

bug eyes


this is your new 'look'.

love those blue eyes

you raise your eyebrows, clamp your jaw and shake your body.
not sure why you do this
(we quit trying to understand your quirks long ago)
but i know that it's hysterical.

in other news....

you like sweets now.
i finally feel like you're my daughter.
welcome to the world of yummies little one.
we have soooo many patisseries to visit!

chocolate cake made 2 days ago
only a third of it left today

a healthy pre-nap snack of mini-marshmallows


Friday, January 7, 2011

i really should stop talking about poop


turns out you like prune juice.
why didn't you tell me earlier?
we could've avoided so much misery.

another thing we found out yesterday-
i like playing with your Christmas presents more than you do.
oh the fun i will have with those wooden letters!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

elephant stampede

upstairs neighbors whom i have yet to meet...

you walk like an elephant.
like an elephant giving a hippo a piggy-back ride.
not cool.

i'll probably meet you in a few weeks and you'll turn out to be a really person and we'll become fast friends and then i'll feel bad about calling you an elephant.
but until that happens...

whew, i feel better!
nothing like a blog rant to clear the rage.

today while you were moving furniture or dropping bowling balls or something else horrifically loud,
i was desperately attempting to calm my troubled tot.
you see, my kid doesn't eat much and therefore doesn't poop much and now constipation is a daily topic at our house.
yesterday was a poopless day which means that today is a suppository day
(i bet you're wondering if i always talk about poop... i do)
the suppository didn't bring immediate relief and i was standing by helpless as my kid whimpered in pain.
she eventually calmed, stopped sweating and let me snuggle her.
she had just barely fallen asleep on my chest when you commenced with the bowling balls.

thankfully i was able to quickly move her to the nursery where the white noise machine drowned out your sounds.
and she slept for a blessed 90 min.
i however did not get my much desired nap due to your stomping.

i sure hope you turn out to be someone really awesome.
otherwise you're going to ruin my life for the next 10 months.
(and yes, i'm always this dramatic)

no judging


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ski day

mom and dad-

a day at alta

another utah visit is coming to a close.
i know i should be all adult about it and say "we had a good time, see you soon"
but what i'm going to do is beg you two to abandon everyone in MN and move here.
how else are we going to finish our game of 'hand and foot'?
which jank and i are totally going to win.

ok, fine.
i'll be adult about it (but i don't like it)

besides, i know you'll be back soon.
no one can resist their grandchildren for long.
especially grandkids as adorable as these two:

the best pic i have of both of them. getting toddlers to hold still is impossible!

we had a good time. see you soon. blah blah blah.....

ps. please stay!


Monday, January 3, 2011

a lot of effort went into that hairdo

Brandon and Kerrianne-

before i had katers i was horrible at buying presents for kids.
i think my nephew brysaac received clothes every time a holiday came around.
(sorry buddy)

apparently you two do not suffer from my gift-giving problem.
you did an awesome job picking out a Christmas gift for kate.
the stuffed bunny is perfect.
you were too kind.
thank you!!

here's a glimpse into lulu's new life with miss kate:

snuggle loving and a time out

 sad little lulu all alone on the timeout wall- 
please excuse her tags. they are now cut off but i was feeling lazy earlier today.

using the kitchen rug as a blanket so lulu can go "nigh-nigh". good night kisses were given

and then kate decided a good way to show affection is to drop a sippy cup full of milk on lulu's head.
isn't she such a sweetie??

i love perfect gifts.
thank you again!