Wednesday, August 31, 2011

an added plus- everyone sleeps well after a swim.

dear yuma house:

you sure are a step up from our apartment in slc.
i keep losing kate in your 1800 sq feet [she's typically hiding in a closet]
it's so nice to have space to run and play.
and having a garage is heavenly.
but our favorite favorite thing is your pool.
we figured out the best time to swim is 7pm.
the sun is setting and we can turn on the light in the pool so kate can yell [40,000 times] 'light!!'
the air is cooling off [100 degrees instead of 110] and the pool is the perfect temperature.
yuma evenings are perfect.

here's to many more wonderful days and nights spent in our pool.

Friday, August 26, 2011

growing a baby requires lots of pink lemonade and potatoes.

dear baby jancer-

today we're 16.2 weeks.
we had a doctor's appt and all went well.
we got to see you kicking and squirming all over the ultrasound screen.
your heartbeat is strong and you are 1000 times more active than your big sis.
wonder when i'm going to start feeling all those kicks and squirms?
i hope it's soon.
because that was my favorite part of kate's pregnancy-
laying in bed and feeling her squirming and reassuring me that all's well. 
[not that she did that much, she was practically comatose the whole 9 months. lazy stinker]

the mystery remains if you're a girl or boy.
we tried desperately to see but you were moving too much and it's a little too soon to tell.
i think you're a girl.
your dad's going with boy.
we'll see who's right.
kate changes her mind every other day on whether she'll get a 'bruder or sisser'

my belly size changes constantly.
yesterday i barely looked pregnant.
today i look 26 weeks.
hope i look not so pregnant on monday when i start my new job-
i still haven't dropped the 'i'm pregnant, aren't ya glad you hired me???' bomb on them yet.
that's going to be fun.

keep growing strong and healthy little love.
see you in 4 weeks.



Monday, August 22, 2011

we survived the drive.

greetings from yuma!

this blog post means the internet is connected and the imac has been unpacked.
we celebrated the computer being set up with some photobooth fun.
it never gets old for us.

we have yet to swim in the pool-
it's on the agenda for today after kate wakes up from her nap.
we are so excited to have our own pool.
every time i get overwhelmed with unpacking, starting a new job this week and everything else-
i just look at the sparkling blue water in the backyard and it's all ok.

a quick recap of our travels and fun::

:: we had plenty of help moving in thanks to the fabulous church members here and not one thing shifted or broke thanks to all the help we had packing the truck.
:: we've eaten at every single fast food joint possible [oh boy is my belly growing...and jancer's too]
:: we had a blast in vegas. kate saw people dressed up as woody and buzz and mickey mouse- she was in heaven. jank and i loved being able to walk and stretch our legs after driving for 7+ hours.
:: miss kate did phenomenal on the drive. she watched way too many movies and didn't fuss much. the second day was definitely harder than the first but both went better than expected. stopping in vegas for the night proved to be genius. we all needed a breather from the car/uhaul.
:: i almost puked 50 times on the drive from vegas to yuma. the road was a one lane road through the desert and was the hilliest and windiest road i've ever driven on- twizzlers saved me from starvation since there was no where to stop for miles and miles.
:: jank drove the uhaul like a champ and didn't kill any small children with the 26 foot truck. a success as far as i'm concerned.
:: kate had an awesome time trying to poop while sitting in her car seat- eventually i had to pull over and let her stand in the passenger seat while i waited outside the car in 120 degree heat [she hates people watching her go the bathroom. understandable but still.... 120 degrees for 5 minutes ? not cool kid]
:: kate's room is set up and she is almost back to a normal sleeping schedule- she's currently getting her molars so that's not exactly helping but she's been a trooper and i couldn't be more grateful for her sweet disposition.
:: i've only cried once [and only for a few minutes]- which is better than i thought i'd do. it was last night after i hung up with my sister and walked into kate's room to kiss her goodnight. i told her that bb loved her very much and she said 'love bb and tyyer and harry and liiiiz'. oh man did that kill me. yuma will be fantastic but we won't stop missing all our family and friends.

thanks for all the support!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

kate has some strange sleeping habits lately.

dear kate:

you sure know how to scare your parents.
10 minutes ago we walked in your room to check on you before going to bed-
all we saw was an empty bed.
talk about giving me a heart attack.
i checked behind the door [your new favorite spot to sleep]
and then i checked the closet.
and there you were- sound asleep with your blankets, violet, elmo, doll and a bag of medical supplies.
you even shut the door on yourself.
silly girl.

love you to pieces.


Monday, August 15, 2011

big day tomorrow


tomorrow you take the PA boards.
you're going to do great.
don't forget to eat.
and don't forget to take your ibuprofen, cuz y'know a headache is inevitable.

i love you a ridiculous amount.
can't wait for tomorrow to be over!

kate just made me go in and kiss and hug her tiny yellow-haired dolly good night.
earlier she 'hid' all of her books in her empty closet and yelled over and over 'where did it goooo?'
lil' stinker doesn't want to go to sleep tonight.
maybe the packing and craziness is finally getting to her?
she keeps asking for you and i keep telling her how much her daddy loves her.
she replies in her sweet voice 'love you daddy'.
when you're nervous tomorrow just think about how embarrassed she gets when we catch her singing-
it'll make you laugh every time.

ps. big congrats to mr red who got engaged tonight!!! oh man are we excited for you guys! yahooooooo

Thursday, August 11, 2011

doing much better. cakebites fix everything

tuesday nite i felt a part of me return to normal.
i think the first trimester brain-freeze is slowly slipping away.
i'm still irritable and easily overwhelmed, but it's getting better.

today peanut and i went to the pool.
that little girl still cracks me up daily.
she won't let me take her sandals off [and i don't really care to] so she swims with her shoes on.
she doesn't use her arms, only kicks her tiny legs furiously to get where she wants to go.

after exhausting herself thoroughly at the pool,
she feel asleep laying by her bedroom door snuggling her stuffed wolf.
i just barely picked her up [after an hour of sleeping] and moved her to her bed.
she's still sleeping [it's 1730]
jank's going to have a late night with her since it's my last nite of work.
but let's not talk about that, the tears will start a-flowing.

i treated us to a dozen cakebites from sweet tooth fairy tuesday nite.
survey says: cocount and chocolate mint are the favorites.
wonder if yuma has a sweet tooth fairy?
let's hope.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i had to stop flipping through the fall jcrew catalog b/c i was getting emotional

i saw this photo and teared up.
my hormones are officially out of control.

i'm so excited for our move to arizona. really i am.
but this move is not without stress.
and right now the stress is killing me.

i find myself sitting and staring at the wall instead of packing.
i wonder how it will feel to swim on Christmas instead of play in the snow.
to trick-or-treat in shorts.
and to welcome the new baby in february with just a onesie and not a snowsuit.

it will be great.
i know it will.
but right now i'm going to cry about it.
because that's how it goes somedays.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

blogs will be short/uninteresting until my creativity/energy returns. my apologies until then.


just wanted to say thank you for the hour long snuggle this morning.
and for asking me to stay with you and hold your hand for a minute after we tucked you in tonight.
you have no idea how much your sweetness soothes my troubles.
thanks for being you and for putting up with me.
[i know i'm not easy to live with right now. give me a few weeks and i'll be better. promise]

love you more than chocolate cake.