Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a long day. thank heavens it's almost over.


i don't know what they've been feeding you at school these last few days but i'm fairly certain it's been laced with speed.
your energy level is off the charts.
i'm not quite sure what to do with you or how to contain you.
all i know is that this week i am more tired than usual and every nite i just want to go to bed at 8.

today you were forced to miss your nap-
we were stuck at the car repair shop getting a oil leak fixed.
so when 5 pm [finally] rolled around, this is how i found you:

you were exhausted and content to just snooze on the couch under a pile of fluffy blankets.
and there you stayed for 90 minutes.
i should've joined you.
it sure looked lovely.

so the way i see it, we have 2 options-
1. give me some of your energy
2. get rid of speed-kate so i can rest a bit cuz this 30 weeks pregnant mama is tiiiiiiired.

let me know what you choose.
love you.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

so much to be grateful for.

our thanksgiving day looked a little something like this:

we snuggled and watched the parade

headed over to our friends' house and packed ourselves full of delicious food- 
my OB would be proud.

played some thanksgiving bingo

and of course had just a few deserts.

overall, a perfect day.

i have so much to be grateful for:
wonderful friends and loving family, an abundance of food, a patient and kind husband, a beautifully sweet daughter and a healthy baby on the way.

my cup runneth over.
and so does my exhaustion.
this pregnancy is stealing all energy from me.
it's 8:00 and i'm headed to bed.
[i should be embarrassed to say i did the same thing last night but i'm not. sometimes you just gotta give in to the exhaustion]

hope everyone had a great holiday.


Monday, November 21, 2011

monday update

pictorial proof that my life is good:
[and some ramblings because it's monday and i only slept 4 hours- but a great 4 hours!]

i started my set schedule this past weekend- [friday, saturday and sunday nights].
what a difference it makes to finally have a schedule. 
i can already feel the sense of normalcy setting in.

monday's are going to be a little rough for me;
the turn-around from working nights is always that way.
especially now the calf cramps are becoming the norm and waking me from my blissful sleep.
hate when i wake by myself and jank isn't there to stretch my calf for me.
i'm helpless without him. ridiculous but true.

of other important, ground-breaking news:
i was able to turn on christmas music today and not cringe.
i'm finally adjusting to the idea of the holidays without snow.
it definitely took awhile.
guess i'm an arizonian now.

i finally feel settled into the ER here.
my night shift crew is pretty great [although i still desperately miss my SLC crew].
we had a STEMI [heart attack for you laymen] walk in last night and we had him ready for the cath lab [where they open the blocked arteries in the heart] in 6 minutes.
that kind of speedy teamwork led to his life being saved and it's soul-stirring to think i'm a part of it.
i really do love what i do.

and finally, a short story to conclude these monday ramblings:
i mouthed off to a patient last week telling her:
"this isn't mcdonalds. you don't get to come in, place your order and be done in 5 minutes"
[in my defense, she was being particularly demanding for how busy we were]
yep, i definitely got reported to my charge nurse for that one!
my charge nurse's response? 
"kayla, when's the last time you ate? i think you need food."
this yuma crew knows me already. kayla+hunger=CRANKY.
at least i didn't get written up, although my nickname is now 'happy meal'.


Friday, November 18, 2011

part deux


this video is for you.
it has all your favorite things-
dolphins, sharks, your dad, elmo and your painted face.
we love you little girl.
you make our lives so much fun.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a video filmed with the 8mm app and edited in imovie. isn't technology amazing??

mom and dad-

thanks for making our weekend away possible.
jank and i think newport beach is the perfect retirement locale.
then we can visit all the time and have more incredible vacations.
but we're only thinking of you guys of course, we only want what's best for you.

love you two.
hope the MN winter isn't killing you guys.


ps. can't wait for a rematch in cards. i'm blaming our horrific downfall on pregnancy brain.


Monday, November 14, 2011

a much appreciated deviation from regular life


you stole my heart.
i think we found our dream location to live.
but doesn't everyone say that abut southern california??

we had a blast this weekend visiting my parents who were vacationing in newport beach.
so glad we had an excuse to get out of yuma for a few days.
we spent saturday wandering balboa island and sunday we played hard at sea world in san diego.
the greenness was a sight for sore eyes after the last few months of desert living.
it was so nice just to be together as a family- a much needed break!

more pics and videos to come.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

another sick day. doesn't it seem like i'm always getting sick??

it sure seems that way to me.
i spent the better part of yesterday with my head in the toilet thanks to a nasty 24 hr flu virus.
it sucked.

thanks to katie for watching kate so i could sleep [sorry your kid had to see me puke]
and a huge thank you to jank who always steps up when i'm sick and who makes a great mommie.
and finally, a note to kate:


thanks for being so dang sweet yesterday.
thanks for wanting to be near me as i puked [despite my efforts otherwise] and for wanting to comfort me-
'mama hold you' may be the sweetest thing i've ever heard.
thanks for coloring for hours on end and for not jumping on me.
i love you endlessly.

i'm truly blessed to have such great family and friends who take care of me.
thanks to everyone who checked in.
today i'm doing much better- i was even able to eat.
i'm still weak and dizzy, but that'll go away as i replenish my fluids.
[let's hope i have an easy assignment at work tonite. ugh, the joys of working full-time.]


Monday, November 7, 2011

new toy

to my new best friend [iphone 4S]-

oh boy do i love you.
thanks for all your awesome apps-
like the 8mm camera app that i used to shoot this video.
i think i'm just a tab obsessed with it.

now if only i could put you down at night and get some sleep....


Friday, November 4, 2011

another awkward pregnancy post.

26 weeks and posting these pictures is embarrassing.

baby girl-

you're quite the mover and shaker lately.
especially in the evenings- 
it's quite entertaining to sit and watch my abdomen change shapes.
[and only a little weird. cuz let's be honest, pregnancy is a little weird isn't it?]

on monday you got me in trouble with the OB-
the last 5 weeks i didn't gain any weight despite eating like a teenager.
we have strict orders to pork up.
[should be easy with all the halloween candy and birthday cake in the kitchen]

at least you're growing even if i'm not- at least i think you are.
my scrubs are constantly falling down at work so i know my belly is getting bigger.
[drawstring pants+pregnancy= no bueno]
the OB wants to do another ultrasound in a few weeks to check on you.
i'm game with that plan- i love seeing you.

we're still struggling with the name issue.
the other day i asked kate what your name should be.
she paused for a moment and then said with conviction-
'Jesus Christ!'
ummmmm, i think not. but it was a good suggestion wasn't it?

oh man little one, i cannot wait to have you in my arms.
i want to smush my face into yours and breathe in your baby smell.
i just want to watch your daddy rock you and whisper words of love to you.
and i can't wait to see how kate responds to your presence.

your tired but happy mama.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

today it's 77 degrees- that means it's cardigan weather!


thanks for introducing us to the popcorn and drink special at good ole target.
pretty sure we get it every time we go shopping.
it's a win-win for us,
it keeps kate quiet and i'm able to follow my new instructions from the OB which are to 'never stop eating'.

i don't know if it's possible to tempt you away from your coca-cola, but you should try mixing the lemonade and the fruit punch.
it's tasty.

missing you every day.
send halloween pics of harry and liz ASAP.
and pics of the snow.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

for the birthday boy

hi lovie.

today while we ate lunch at five guys [on the outdoor patio. yuma weather rocks!],
i fell in love with you even more.
it was the way you talked about kate and our growing baby girl-
like they're your whole world.
hearing you talk about them with such deep love gave me goosebumps.

i have no idea how i got such a wonderful man as my husband.
but i'm certainly glad you're mine.

i love you.
happy 30th!!

yours forever,

ps. somehow i broke peanut's closet door...whoopsies. do you think you could fix that tonight/tomorrow?