Tuesday, February 26, 2013

birthday celebration

oh sweet girl.
i wish i had the proper words to describe the love we have for you.
you bring such joy to our lives.

happy birthday to our rolie-polie evie.
we love every gushie part of you
[especially those cheeks. i could nibble them forever]

you've now learned how to give hugs and maybe i request them every minute or so.
it can't be helped.
you're just so sweet.

you crawl over to us and lay your head on our lap and just lay there for a moment, allowing us to soak in the glory that is a one year old.
and when we hold you, we pat our chest and ask 'hug please?' and you willingly comply with a snuggle that melts our hearts.

i could gush about you forever,
but i won't.
just know your loved.
by all of us.
and most definitely by your big sis.
she adores you and was so sad yesterday when you didn't giggle like usual at her antics.
'mom! evie didn't laugh at me. she's not my best friend anymore??'
but then you chuckled and all was right in kate's world.
[thanks for fixing that quick. i wasn't in the mood for a meltdown]

happy birthday evie rue.

oh no! forced to eat cake. we are such mean parents.

Monday, February 25, 2013

another sunny day

you'd think it would get old-
all this glorious sunshine.
maybe someday i'll wake up and think 'go away sun. i'm not in the mood today'
but that hasn't happened yet.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

instagram time!

 evie loves her toothbrush and kate loves to dress herself
backyard picnics and blissful, kid-free oil changes [that didn't last nearly long enough]
 road trip to phoenix to renew my RN license and kate steals my phone and snaps some shots
 bath time and nap time
 breakfast and sneaking into kate's room
 springtime walks and trips to the grocery store
 another backyard picnic [we do this often, and wouldn't you if you lived in yuma?] and flying by myself with two kids
 reunited with liz and soooo much cafe rio [favorite is still chicken nachos with ALL the fixings]
 sledding in proper winter clothing and evie perfecting her evil glare
 brock's wedding and evie birthday 
[same day... evie kinda got the short stick- good thing she didn't care]
 flying home and evie on timeout for peeing on me
 my little love bugs on valentines day and evie contemplating stealing the hat that covering my unwashed hair
 successful transition to sippy cup/whole milk! and our neighbors tree in full bloom
 the little destroyer as she is now called and kate learns to write her name
kate enjoying barnes & noble and me enjoying an extra snuggly baby
this man's superhero power is the ability to fall asleep anywhere despite rowdy children and evie rocking my favorite birthday gift- her new striped poncho

Saturday, February 23, 2013

here's what our valentine's day looked like.

dear month of january:

it has been decided that you need a holiday to help perk your month up.
your such a let down after christmas. 
your whole month just drags on and on.
i know you have NYE and all that hub-bub but that whole celebration just gets lumped in with christmas.  
you need something, i tell ya.
maybe i'll create one next year just to get us through the january blahs.

all that to say-
we love valentines day!
a day to celebrate love. and red and pink and glittery things.
i'm ok with all that.
february seems such a joy after january's bleakness.

plus it's just another excuse to bake up some goodies- 
which my coworkers are always thankful for. 
nothing says 'let's go intubate!' like a sprinkled cupcake

[this chalkboard is in bb's kitchen and i'm still trying to decide how to steal it without her noticing]

Friday, February 22, 2013

miss evelyn rue:: a joy at home, an absolute stink when not.


i really wish you had been your usual self when we were in utah.
you're such a peach at home, padding around while babbling to everyone, full of smiles and giggles.
but oh jeepers, were you a beast that week.
unless i was holding you-
then you were content

so let's just extend an invitation to everyone-
please come visit the beast in her natural habitat.
i promise you'll love her!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

vaca recap finishes: camden's blessing day

camden samuel:

hello sweet baby boy.
our newest favorite nephew
[they're all our favorites really. we're liberal with our love-giving around here]

you're really a blessed person.
born into a wonderful family who adore you.
your sister liz is one of sweetest children i know.
and your brother harrison is so energetic and fun-loving;  you two are going to stir up so much mischief for your parents :)

your parents are two of my most favorite people.
honest, hard-working, dedicated and so very very good.
right down to their toes.
these kind of people are hard to find so i hope you appreciate them and let them sleep an entire night sometime soon.
you're going to have a lifetime of adventures and love.
it's going to be a great.

glad we could meet you little guy.
keep on growing, evie needs a chubby cousin.
someone to share a jiggly belly-laugh with.

see you soon.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

vaca recap continues: snow day

we had the good fortune of enjoying a utah snowfall while we were in brigham city the day after brock's wedding. 
we got to have a snowball fight, build a [pint-size] snowman and go sledding. 
and by we, i mean kate and jank.
i hid behind the camera the majority of the time.
i'm just not that in love with the idea of snow shoved down my shirt.
and evelyn still wouldn't let anyone else hold her [little stinker]

so glad we could have a snow day before we went scurrying back to the desert.
 nephew brysaac rocking the missing teeth.
 jank's dad and cousin mia [these kids are californians and had never played in the snow before]
somehow this snowball fight ended up a little one-sided. uncle michael against the world
[pretty sure he won. atta boy!]