Saturday, June 5, 2010

birthday wishes/froggy jammies



you got a new bike and a new helmet. how cool is that?!

when we called to wish you a happy birthday you actually said,
"thanks for calling me"
what 4 yr old says stuff like that?!
other favorite brysaac sayings include:

"I AM THE SKY"- yelled loudly atop a swing-set. sometimes jank has been heard yelling that throughout the house. it always makes me laugh.

"i won't know"- something you started saying when you were still learning how to talk and it's stuck. we say it all the time. pretty sure it's annoying to others but so funny to us.

"no, no Red!" mr scootchies was teasing you something awful the day this phrase came to be

and my favorite: "i've told you a million times" exclaimed in exasperation in a rather adult tone.

we love you mr brysaac. have fun with the new bike!




hope your day was filled with lazy goodness. and yummy food- because that's important.

thanks for loving me. and for teasing me. you make it easy to be a part of the hansen clan.

i'm so proud of all that you've done. i think you're brave, smart and handsome (and thanks for passing those traits on to your son!!) and i love you lots.

(kevin at hardware ranch: camping and loving the outdoors)


and what kind of mommy blogger would i be if i didn't post some pics of my incredibly cute child??


you have been a joy lately.
ever since the flu trauma you have been more smiley and much more giggly.

you are usually a content child; you don't mind playing by yourself. but lately you have been much more interactive.

you engage us in games of hide and seek.
you love to find the toys we hide in the couch.
you have ticklish spots (your ribs) which i attack constantly.
you love when we chase you down the hall.
you especially love when we throw pillows at you.
you love our phones. it's so cute when you pick them up, press them to your ear and say "hi"
you love playing on the balcony and looking out the window:


your babbles echo in the parking lot. i'm sure our neighbors LOVE it.

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