Wednesday, June 2, 2010

purple and white

brock colton:


you did it.
you graduated high school.
no more homework or teachers.... at least for a little while.

we are so proud of you. you worked hard.
it was so fun to see you walk across that stage and get your diploma. (even if it was just a blank piece of paper)

i don't know if you heard us screaming... ashley and i outdid ourselves with enthusiasm. brandon had to move katers so we wouldn't blow her eardrums. and you should've seen brysaac! oh man was he excited for you. that kid loves your guts! we told him he could scream as loud as he could when they called your name. and he did. it was awesome.

so congrats. we love you and we hope you are proud of yourself.


ps thanks for the excuse to go out to eat... cafe sabor was grand as always.

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