Thursday, June 10, 2010


rocking chair in the nursery-

most of the day you sit unused. i apologize for that. it must suck to rarely be needed.

kate doesn't require rocking to fall asleep so the only time you see any action is when we read stories to kate.
and sitting still with a 13 month old lasts for about 15 seconds.

(2 months ago)

but occasionally miss kate has trouble in the night. to be honest, i pray for those troubles.
not that i don't want her to sleep well, but i want to see her, smell her and hold her again.

so i relish those cries in the night.

i scoop her up and bring her to you. we rock her back to sleep. it only takes about 60 seconds and she's out, but we rock for much longer. sometimes a tear leaks out of my mommy eye. what?! i can't get emotional about my beautiful, healthy, safe baby? geez.

kate will squirm after a few minutes and i know she wants to be back in her crib where she can snuggle into a corner and bury her head in her blankie. i oblige her and you are left all alone in the corner to await the next troubled night.

thanks for the kind service. hopefully i'll see you soon.

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