Saturday, June 26, 2010

snuggle in

dear blankies in kater's crib (all 4 of you):

you do a great job. you keep my lil one happy and comfy. she loves to dive-bomb out of
our arms and into the crib, just to get to you. it also may have something to do with her
binki since she only gets it while she sleeps... but we'll ignore that part right now. let's talk
about how much she loves you.

exhibit a: a picture

(the 4th blanket is hiding under miss kate)

exhibit b: a short story

kate willingly gives up playtime so she can snuggle with you. at least that's what happened tonight after her bath- she crawled into her room and sat next to her crib whining until big jank put her in. then she played for 30 min with you. rolling around, covering her head and babbling happily. and then she tucked you under her and fell asleep.

you really are terrific. glad we have all 4 of you.

1 comment:

Kayla said...

i should pause and acknowledge my bad parenting..... sippy cup in crib (at least it's only water). and 4 blankets?!?!? they say not to give even one. oh well. she loves it. and i say fooey on those rules.