Sunday, June 20, 2010

to be like you


today is father's day as i'm sure you are well aware.
hopefully you got a candy bar at church like jank did.

i have a rotten memory (maybe something i inherited from grandma D?) i usually don't remember things unless there exists a photo or video that i can use to jog the memory. but every so often i remember things with great clarity. these remembrances are generally not big events. heaven knows i would give my right arm to remember my actual wedding ceremony. geez, i'd even settle for remembering my wedding date without jank having to remind me.

but i have one very distinct memory of us from my teen years.
we were driving up a hill in the bonneville SSEI and i asked you-

"how did you become so successful?"

you replied "i work hard and always pay my tithing"

i sat for a minute thinking.
i thought for sure you were just trying to convince me that giving 10% of my income to the church was a good thing. then i realized that you weren't just saying things for my benefit. it was your honest answer. and i bet if i asked you the same question tomorrow, your answer would be very similar.

because that's just who you are.

you work harder than most and have more integrity than i could ever dare dream for.

you don't speed, lie or cheat.

you make sure people feel understood and appreciated.

you are kind and loving.

and i am so very very very lucky to be able to call you dad.

so here's to you mr haskins. thanks for all the patience, love, support, sternness (i need it sometimes), advice and everything else you give me.

i love you

some photos to help me remember what you look like- ha ha


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