Sunday, June 27, 2010

water baby

nana and papa-

you leave tomorrow in the morn. tear. ok, big tears. i love when you're here.
my life seems full again. and you bring presents- new toys and music and quiet books for church. awesomeness.

more importantly you bring the fun.
i don't remember the last time i saw kate smile so much.

remember tonight when you nana were pushing kate and liz around bb's house in the rolling chair?

or when kate actually reached for you papa because she wanted more airplane rides?

or when we all went to the zoo and kate didn't care about the animals but LOVED when we found a dripping pipe to put her under? pretty sure the other zoo-goers thought i was torturing my child until they saw her smile.

(kicking and laughing weren't captured in this pic, but they did occur)

please don't leave. pretty please?

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