Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i really do love my job.... promise!

dear yellow cake,

you fixed me. how i love you yellow cake.

today was post-night shift day. the day i dread more than any other in the week.

turns out, i really don't handle lack of sleep well (kinda helps explain why i went crazy after i had kate). and today was no exception... i got home from work an hour earlier than planned and decided against my better judgement to crawl into bed for a nap.

so so so dumb of me.

when the alarm clock known as katers went off an hour later, around 6:30, my immediate reaction was tears and a pillow punch. pathetic, i am well aware. but i wasn't in control of my own body. lack of sleep made me crazy. and unfortunately i stayed crazy until BB came and took katers to her house.

and then i slept for 3 hours. which helped tremendously but didn't cure me. the sobbing in the bathroom while kate stared at me like i was nutso didn't cure me either. nor did the mcdonald's. and the really really stupid movie "when in rome" only made the day worse.

basically the day was a waste.

finally at 10 pm i decided i needed some cake and promptly set about making you. and VOILA!!!! instant healing. i didn't even take the time to frost you, just pulled you out of the oven and started shoveling.

i now feel sick to my stomach but i don't feel crazy anymore. balance has been restored to my emotions.

who knew you, mr yellow cake, could be so powerful??

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