Sunday, June 6, 2010



church day.
you despise church day.
it goofs up your naps and meals. you are not allowed to crawl around freely. and it's 3 hours long. it's enough to topple an adult, let alone a 13 month old.

after a quick apres-church nap, we took off for the quarterly seelos/jones/other-people-i-don't-know-the-names-of get together. it was nice being outside and the food was good. at least i think it ate all my food. seriously, ALL of it. and you didn't want to share with me. thanks little one.

and somehow you ended up being nominated to be in the family skit coming up in july. they want you to be held by someone other than your dad or i. for an extended period of time.
snort, snort, laugh, laugh. that's not gonna happen. you can barely handle sitting on your grandma and grandpa's lap. it's going to be awesome to watch. we'll make sure to videotape the torture.

but you did have a good time sitting on your blanket in the grass. it's wonderful that you hate the feel of the grass so you don't dare leave the blanket. it's like a pack and play without walls. marvelous.

cousin brysaac read you a story... until he got bored. then he ran over to the steps, climbed up, spread his arms and yelled "this is my city". you just stared. i don't think you know what to think about him just yet but trust me, you're gonna love him.


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