Wednesday, June 9, 2010


EMS crew of Engine 117:

i knew that calling 911 at some point in my life was inevitable. the odds of me dialing those horrifying 3 digits increased greatly when i became a mom. i just wish i had made it longer than 13 months...

kate wakes up from her morning nap happy and hungry. lunch is had and we head out the door to run some errands. i buckle katers into her seat and set about putting up the baby shades in the back 2 windows to protect her from the sun's rays. kate starts to whine for her keys (i have 2 sets- one with important keys and one with misc keys for her to play with) i give kate her set. she is not satisfied, she wants my keys. i give them to her and then go back to work, forgetting she has them. i finish what i am doing, close the door and walk around to the driver's door. locked.
i shake my head in confusion and reach for my keys in my pocket. not there. that's when it hits.

i just locked my baby in the car with the keys and my phone.
oh crapper of all craps!!

luckily i had used my automatic car starter to turn on the engine and get the AC running so the car is cooling off. but the timer is set to 12 minutes and then it shuts off- trapping my baby inside without the windows cracked in 80 degree heat. i try to think how long it'll be before it reaches a dangerously high temperature inside. i start to feel the panic. i refuse to cry. i have to think.

i hurriedly approach a neighbor, asking for their cell. brandon doesn't answer the 4 calls i make- it's our code. 3 calls means "i really need to talk" but 4 means "pick up the phone no matter what". only he doesn't have reception in his classroom. and no one else has an extra set of keys.

and then i hear it- silence. the car has turned off. no more AC.

after knocking a few doors to see if anyone has a phone book to call a locksmith (no answers- everyone is at work). the neighbor who's phone i have suggests the police department. duh! they can help...right?? not so much. apparently there is an imbecile who works at the police department- he tells me my address isn't in the city of taylorsville and therefore he can't help me. whatever idiot....i hang up on him and dial 911. it's not more than 4 minutes later when you guys show up. in a fire engine and an ambulance- both with the lights flashing. i'm embarrassed but so very relieved.


it takes you a few minutes to pop the lock but you work quickly and confidently. you are very calm and kind. you tell me repeatedly how cute my trapped daughter is and that everything will be ok. kate just sits there, strapped in her seat, watching you guys work. still playing with the keys and smiling.

check out how happy kate is to be out of the car

i'm so glad that you came promptly and saved my kid from my stupidity.
you guys were so great.

thank you. thank you. thank you.


kate was covered in sweat when we pulled her out. i tried to get her to drink some cold water but she didn't want any. so i just opened up the fridge and let her play for a bit. she deserved it- look at those flushed cheeks. poor thing.

cake batter ice cream w/ brownies.... we earned it today


Kelli said...

OMG Kayla!!! I freakin' love that you took pictures!!!

Brittany said...

That is a great story! So glad it was only for that reason you had to call 911! And I am also loving the photo op with the fire dept! Your daughter will have her life documented in photos and fun stories ;-)


Good gosh, that is rather terrifying. I am so GLAD it wasn't under different circumstances! You're an awesome Mamma Kayla...Katers is lucky she has you. Good work team!