Saturday, July 24, 2010

five years and no death threats

this is an attempt to say thank you to everyone who made our 5 year anniversary celebration possible.....

mr and mrs snow-

let's start with you two shall we? you pulled some
family strings and got us a room at the park city marriott
to a part-time RN and a grad student that is
something to cry over. we've said thank you
so many times it probably has lost it's meaning
but here's one more....


the room was fantabulous and the time alone was much needed.
to show our appreciation we will let you win at cards next sunday.

grandma and grandpa hansen-

you two took care of our most precious kate. and we can't thank you enough, but i can try....

thank you for trying your hardest to get our stubborn little child to eat.

thank you for applauding her every move just like we do

thank you for using her noise machine and not calling us weirdo's for packing it

thank you for being patient throughout this last year when she hated everyone but us- it was worth the wait huh? can't believe she was reaching for kevin! monumental occasion.

but mostly thank you for loving her and snuggling her and playing with her. she sure is a lucky little girl to have you two.

(when can we drop her off again????)

windy ridge cafe and the eating establishment:

yum yum yummers. is there anything better than finding a good restaurant?
good food. outdoor eating. and not a high chair in sight. sigh. i was in heaven and i ate WAY too much. but man, did it feel good to gorge myself.

trout covered in crushed almonds with garlic mashed potatoes and veggies while sitting on a tree covered patio.

jank doing an impersonation of kate

gigantic pancakes smothered in butter and syrup while overlooking main street and feeling the sun on my back.

(me: happy and full of sugar)

i cannot tell you how many times i said thank you to mr jank for the good eats. (although i'm not sure why i was thanking him??? i'm the breadwinner after all! so thank you to me)

ernesto on main-

every vacation needs a good story. our honeymoon was full of good stories. some not appropriate for right now.... awkward silence.... and moving on....

i had high hopes for time in park city and was a little disappointed when
our hotel's pool was indoor. it was very nicely done and quite
lovely but nevertheless, indoors. i wanted to read a book
poolside while soaking up some cancer.
i decided it didn't really matter and was trying to
mentally move on and not dwell on the indoor pool
(i'm a dweller).

you approached us on main street where we were
killing time (and dwelling) until our movie. you wanted to give us
some shpeel about westgate resorts and how we should
buy a timeshare. i took the opportunity to cut you off and tell
you how nice the outdoor pool looked in the brochure
for westgate. you agreed and i continued to tell you about
my burning desire to sit in the sun- poolside.

you said you could help and pulled out your phone, rung up the
front desk at westgate and informed the staff that we would
be coming by to pick up a keycard that would allow us access
to the pool for the weekend. awesomeness! you said to head on over
and tell them "ernie sent you". we did just that. and a keycard
was obtained. we felt slightly shady and a little giddy with excitement.
(jank always wanted to be a spy and anything "sneaky" gets him lightheaded with joy)

then we found out the the keycard not only opened up the
gate to the pool and allowed us to navigate the
entire hotel, but also accessed a room on the 6th floor.
we just wanted pool access, not an entire room.
and who does that? just gives a room for free?
apparently the westgate does, as long as you say "ernie sent us"
we debated staying in the room but i just couldn't bring myself to do it.
i have a VERY guilty conscience and i knew i wouldn't sleep well
in that room. so back we went to the marriott where we slumbered
guilt free. we did stop by that room just to check it out and change into our suits-
jank wanted to get a little frisky
and i had to tell him no a couple times.
stupid guilty conscience.

(kicking it poolside)

thanks ernie for the hook up and for the good story
we will visit you next time we're in the PC

to my love:

i love you and i can't ever get enough of you.
thanks for letting me snuggle with you until your
arm loses feeling

all in all a great time. thanks to everyone who made it possible


PC at nightfall


Kristin Ann said...

I'm so glad you guys had a great time despite my lack of help....I didn't get your message till late saturday night. Sorry! Looks like you found all my favs though.....there is simply no better food baby than a gargantuan pancake with a bottle of syrup. Mmmmmm. Did Ernie slip you something else along with that key card? Who does that?

Kristin Ann said...

P.s. Brandon and I should totally hang out....I love some good sneakiness....such a high :) Mr. Bell is the one with the conscience.
In High school my friends and I would dress all in black and go out and do what we liked to call "destruction" know like driving without seatbelts and spying on boyfriends and maybe knocking over a port-o-john or two :)