Sunday, July 25, 2010


madame behlow-

this letter is requiring me to reach waaaaaay back in my memories.

you were one of my favorite high school teachers. probably because you taught french and not english or history. most people would have listed math instead of history but i enjoyed math. or more correctly i had a teenage relationship with math- full of love and hate and misunderstanding. but french was an elective and i elected to not ditch your class due to it's laissez-faire-ness.

you taught us about pop culture in france and let us build 3D puzzles of french monuments for credit. you let me choose 'Olive Jardin' as my french name even though it meant 'olive garden'. and you introduced me to "notre-dame de paris". an A-MAZ-ING french musical that i am listening to right now. 10 years later and i'm still captivated by the songs.

you instilled in me a love for all things french. who would've thought i learned anything at all in high school except how to not be cool? (i was really good at that) but i listened to you and learned a little french along the way. came in handy when i had to order chicken nuggets at a macdo in paris.


moi, aaron et bb dans paris


Thistles said...

Haha! Love the picture, Aaron is so cute and we look like chipmunks!

Shannon & Cecil said... that where you learned to french kiss...or is that a different story?!!