Wednesday, July 7, 2010

my ears are bleeding


so most people think you're really cool.
i'm on the fence.

you do lots of good and heaven knows i would love to be in your audience on a give-away day.
but i think it's kind of ridiculous that your opinion changes how people think and vote and what they buy.

i've heard you're really nice in person (why wouldn't you be? you have everything you want) so i don't want to bash your ideas too much.....

it's just this whole "no phone zone" thing.

it's bothering me.
why you ask?
well, i don't think my phone is the most distracting thing in my car.
certainly it has it's moments but it doesn't compare to a child.

now, i know you don't have kids. so let me explain.

yesterday my brother needed a ride. he needed me to pick him up at salt lake international and drive him to his job site out past park city. (figure about 1 hour and 45 min round trip)
i don't get to see my bro very often so i was happy to help but i knew it wasn't going to be a leisurely drive.

katers (my 14 month old daughter) was fine on the drive out. fine meaning she cried whenever my brother looked at her but at least that was short-lived.
on the drive back she was quiet for a bit and i hoped and prayed she would take a snooze.
i even had the binki and blankie ready. but instead she cried.
screamed and gagged and said "mama, mama, mama, mama" about 50,000 times.

nothing would calm her.
toys. sippy cups. binki. snacks. blankie. fergie.

i thought of your new petition to ban distractions while driving. i thought about it as i reached for items meanwhile swerving all over the road.
i thought about it as people had to pass me in the right hand lane because i was in the fast lane going slow. and as i snapped pictures of the disastrous outing, i thought about you.


long story short:
kids are a bigger distraction than any silly little phone.
so i think instead of trying to get every celebrity involved in the "no phone zone",
you should use your time and endless money to supply all moms with chauffeurs.

and then we can work on banning phones while driving.

just a suggestion. but i think it could change the world.

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