Saturday, July 17, 2010

alive and well (again)

to my non-rumbling gut:

thanks for healing. i no longer lay in bed and wonder if my insides want to be on the outside.

yesterday after i blogged i felt guilty about being a bad mom so i packed up miss kate and we went for a drive. we headed to sonic- i was craving their ice. doesn't that sound like a quality outing?!

katers had a grilled cheese. yes, i paid $2.99 for warm bread and cheese. i was still exhausted and making a lunch for the kid was too much to ask. man, that sounds lazy. wait til you hear this- i didn't have the energy to keep my foot on the brake at stoplights so i kept putting the car in park. now that's laziness to it's fullest. and it's kind of awesome too.

we then spent some "quality" time outside. by outside i mean, on our 3rd story 6' x 4' apartment balcony. i laid down towels and filled a bowl with warm water for kate to play in. she loved it. and i felt like a good mom again because after she played in the bowl she slept for 2 hours and we all know that's a sign of a happy toddler.



my life is good.

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Kristin Ann said...

I love Baby in the bowl pics. They make me smile. I am very happy to know that your gut is no longer rumbly. I need to see you and laugh with you and eat good food with you. Please accomodate for such an outing :)