Thursday, July 29, 2010

a non-creative person creates

it's amazing the stuff you think when you don't think you're thinking (you following this?)

today i found my self creating a poem.
what?!?! i don't do that. except, i guess i do.
maybe it was the humidity getting to me....

dear sugarhouse park,

i wrote a poem for you. a limerick actually. you didn't know that when someone walks nearly 3 miles on your pathway they get a little loopy and do weird things like write limericks for you. oh, well they do. at least i do.

my ode to you:

there exists a park in salt lake
of whos beauty we do partake
i take the kid there
to get some fresh air
and hardly a fuss does she make

katers wearing her jammies and lovin' on her new treat cup

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