Friday, July 16, 2010

yuckity-yuck yucks

dear world:

i know that every citizen of planet earth is wondering about my absence.
so here is the summation of my life this past week-

i've been sick since wednesday.
correction- late tuesday night.
i was laying in bed getting caught up on bachelorette drama when my stomach started rumbling.
never a good sign.
i told the big guy that i was going to puke sometime in the night and i don't think he quite believed me.
(he's used to my sensational comments)
but then he found me clinging to the edge of the toilet for dear life.
all he could say was "oh no" and rub my back.
it sucked.

and so it goes for the last 2 days.
no more puking though.
just lots of gut rumbling and me wishing i was dead
last night i told jank that my gut was in V fib.
that's the only way i could describe the pain that kept me awake all night.
i even contemplated sleeping on the bathroom rug to simplify things.
thankfully i didn't come to that.

i decided the hardest part about being sick is attempting to be a mom while being sick.
i have been laying on the couch like a zombie for days now.
kate hasn't been outside or had a proper meal.
poor thing just roams the apartment looking for electrical cords to chew on and toilets to drown in.
at least she hasn't gotten sick yet.
we keep waiting for it to happen but she's hanging in there.

here's to feeling better before my night shift tomorrow night.
can't imagine that's going to be a lot of fun.


tiff snedaker said...

So sorry you've been so sick :( It sounds like it's passing now, but you've had a couple bad bugs in the last few months.

Kathy Haskins said...

Welcome back. I have been worried about you, especially when you didn't return my call.